Health care is the process of preventing, diagnosing, treating, ameliorating, or curing disease, illness, accident, and other physical and mental problems in persons. Medical and allied health specialists give care. Health professionals include doctors, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, nurses, optometrists, audiologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and others. It includes primary care, secondary care, tertiary care, and public health.

How to apply for a health inspectorate permit, opinion, or assessment

Natural and legal persons, including local governments, have the option of submitting an electronic application for a Health Inspectorate permit, opinion, or assessment in the areas of Health Inspectorate monitoring, such as applying for a permit for the purchase of medicinal products (medical institutions and social care institutions), as well as public services in the field of environmental health and hygiene assessment.

Types of opinions/assessment

On the www.latvija.iv portal, by selecting an e-service Application for a Health Inspectorate permission, opinion, or evaluation, the user has the option of selecting and applying for:

Water for drinking:

  1. Coordination of the monitoring program for drinking water.
  2. Research disinfectant-matching programs.
  3. A view on the creation of decreased drinking water safety and quality requirements (on the granting of special standards).
  4. A statement on the harmonization of protective zones around water collection sites;


  1. 1)A suggestion for a construction project;
  2. A recommendation for harmonizing derogations in a construction project;
  3. 3)An assessment of the site’s readiness to begin/continue operations;
  4. 4)An assessment of the installation’s operational preparedness;
  5. 5)An view of the construction location selection;
  6. 6)At the design stage, the conditions for adhering to hygiene criteria;
  7. 7)The spatial plan’s conditions/opinion;
  8. Authorization for medical treatment institutes and social care institutions to purchase medicinal products;
  9. A certificate stating that the ship’s sanitary treatment is under control;
  10. Consent for the burial or reloading of a deceased person’s body;
  11. A permit allowing the transportation of a deceased person’s body;
  12. An assessment of the microbiological, chemical, and physical testing results;
  13. An evaluation of the product’s cleanliness (e.g., packing materials);
  14. A viewpoint on the calculation of feasible physical factor values (noise, EML).

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