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Micro-enterprise in Latvia

In order to become a micro-enterprise taxpayer, the following main conditions must be fulfilled:

The status of a micro-enterprise payer can be acquired by a limited liability company, individual merchant, individual enterprise, a farm or a fish farm, or a natural person registered at the State Revenue Service as an economic operator according to the above conditions.

The micro-enterprise tax of 9 % is calculated and paid from the enterprise’s turnover. If the turnover is exceeded, a tax rate of 20 % will be applied, and the enterprise will lose the status of a micro-enterprise as from 1 January of the next year.

It must be taken into account that if a 12-month turnover exceeds LVL 35,000 an enterprise must register as a Value Added Tax (VAT) payer.

In regard to salary calculation, employees of a micro-enterprise are not entitled to tax relief, namely, the untaxed minimum and dependent care tax credit. No taxes are calculated and deducted from the monthly salary of employees of a micro-enterprise – it means that an employee receives a net salary.

It is essential to know that an employee’s salary comprises all benefits provided by the micro-enterprise taxpayer (in the form of money, services and natural values). The income of an employee includes a salary; bonuses; presents; a holiday grant; benefits including severance pay and compensations (travel allowances and unused holiday pay); payments into private pension funds; life and health insurance premiums and a benefit from personal use of a company vehicle. A tax of 20 % is imposed on the amount by which a salary of LVL 500 is exceeded in a specific month.

Advantages of a micro-enterprise

Disadvantages of a micro-enterprise