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Latvia is a European Union member and is situated on the crossroad between EU countries and Russia and Belorussia, which makes it a great place for investments. Latvian legislation system is relatively liberal, comparing to the West Europe countries that also positively affect business startup process and further maintenance.

Moreover there is a possibility to get a temporal residence permit for up to 5 years via investments. Residence permit in Latvia, which is a Schengen Agreement member, gives opportunities to its owner to travel freely in and out of Schengen Area, as well as living up to 3 months in a 6 months period in any Schengen Area country. Investments can be made in the real estate, enterprise equity capital or Latvian credit institution. To ensure the investments will be made in right place, proper way and timely, Company registration in Latvia offers investment support services. Our qualified professional help will save your time and money, giving the result you wished.

Conditions on investing in real estate:

Conditions on investing in Latvian credit institutions:

Conditions on investing in the equity capital of an enterprise:

Either that, or the amount of investment must be at least LVL 100,000 (approx. EUR 143,000).