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Company registration in republic of Latvia

Company registration Latvia is a professional partner for businessmen, who would like to start or widen their activity in the Republic of Latvia. We offer support from the first stage of business activity – company formation and registration, to the later stages like legal and accounting services, company representation, making changes in corporate documents, tax advices and other.

We offer two ways to register a company – with or without your presence. If you choose second option, it is necessary to draw Power of Attorney, so that our lawyer could operate on the place and execute necessary operations.

Our clients need only one partner in Latvia to form, register and maintain their companies, that could optimize your work, facilitate cooperation and reduce total costs. You will also have trusted local partner who can give advices in non-business related issues.

Company registration in Latvia will help you to break language barrier by representing your company on business meetings with other Latvian companies. We provide comprehensive advices in Tax law and accounting services that will help to effectively administrate your business.

We do not aim to cooperate only with large companies therefore we keep our legal fees at a very reasonable level, providing high quality professional services.

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Market research services

Before entering market of a foreign country it is sometimes useful to make a research to reveal important economical issues and clarify market processes. It can help to choose correct business activity direction and sphere, as well as reduce total cost. Company Registration Latvia can execute necessary measures to discover and solve your questions about Latvian market.

Partner search services

To help your business to communicate with local partners, we offer partner search services. We can find related business partner, research prices and quality of goods and services, as well as represent your company at negotiations.

Due Diligence services

Businesses to business relations are significantly important to both partners and company development. It is also vital whether you can entrust your partner, especially making first steps in cooperation. Company Registration Latvia offers Due Diligence services, containing such measures as compatibility audit, financial audit, legal audit, marketing audit, management audit and information systems audit.

Real estate purchase support

Company Registration Latvia offers a real estate purchase support. We can find necessary real estate, explore information about it and its owner, prepare necessary documents for transaction and provide other legal support. Notably, that if transaction is made corresponding to the law, it is possible to receive residence permit in Latvia for up to 5 years.