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Ready-made company in Latvia

The ready-made company, also known as Shell Company, preliminarily formed company, seasoned company or aged

European Economic interest grouping registration guide in Latvia

When setting up a European Economic Interest Group, there must be at least two companies

Corporate bank account opening in Latvia

Today the banking system of Latvia consists of two levels, the first level is the

European company (SE) registration guide in Latvia

A European company (SE) is a company entered in the Commercial Register that can transfer

Branch of a Foreign Company registration guide in Latvia

A branch is an organizationally independent part of an enterprise, which is territorially or otherwise

Sole Trader registration guide in Latvia

A sole trader is a natural person conducting business, responsible for their scores with the

Guide on stock company (AS) registration in Latvia

A joint-stock company (JSC) in Latvia is an open commercial company, the authorized capital of

Steps to register limited liability company (SIA) in Latvia

The registration procedure consists of 5 stages: 1. Choosing a name, collecting, and compiling the

Guide on company registration in Latvia

Latvia has long been attracting foreign citizens (especially from post-Soviet countries) as a country for