The PUC is in charge of regulating municipal garbage disposal at dumps. The firm must be registered in the registry of service providers and have a tax ID authorized by the Authorities to provide municipal garbage disposal services. Local authorities are responsible for other duties such as arranging and supervising municipal waste management services.

Responsibilities of municipal waste management 

Garbage management companies are primarily responsible for collecting, transportation, sorting, preservation, recovery, and disposal of waste in authorized areas. A landowner whose site generates municipal trash must give a trash bin and accessibility to the local waste disposal point. A landholder who possesses unlawfully discarded residence, harmful, or manufacturing waste in a location not meant for it must give it over to a waste supervisor who has obtained a license to administer such refuse and must bear the cost of such waste disposal. 

Waste management law in Latvia 

Waste disposal legislation in Latvia establishes waste managerial processes to preserve the ecosystem, living beings, and wellness by eliminating or restricting waste creation and guaranteeing separate assortment, retrieval, and diminution of waste produced on Latvian land, and encouraging effective utilization of natural resources. 

Waste management permits and registration 

The waste management must get a license from the State Environmental Agency for waste gathering, transit, shipping, processing, preservation, digging of abandoned or restored waste sites, and trash sorting before engaging in the relevant operations.

To register your waste management firm in Latvia, fill out the registration form and submit it to the authorities with the appropriate documents. Identification evidence, financial statements, tax ID, proof of residency, certificate of incorporation, proof of sufficient resources, and proof of a clean criminal record are all required documents for registration. Before applying for registration, the company must also open a bank account to deposit the social security and registration fees.


A waste manager must present monetary assurance to the State Environmental Agency in order to get a license for the operations and also for the handling or recycling of refuse in compliance with statutory ordinances governing contamination. A statement of assurance given by a finance company comprises the insurer’s irreversible pledge to reimburse the insurance indemnification upon the State Environmental Service’s first demand and the indisputability of this proposal.

For the license term, the waste controller must preserve economic security. During the length of the authorization, if the waste management does not have legitimate monetary insurance, the permit will be revoked until the required deposit is submitted to the State Environmental Service.

For the issuance of a registration for the gathering, transportation, shipping, classification, or keeping of refuse, as well as a license for the digging and sorting of garbage in a sealed or reclaimed site, the waste management must pay a state fee. The amount of the payment and how it will be paid will be decided by the Cabinet.

Before beginning the required actions, a waste dealer or waste management intermediary must register with the State Environmental Service. The mechanism by which the State Environmental Service certifies waste dealers and waste managing mediators will be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Entities that keep contaminants or toxic pollution for more than three months must obtain a license to store waste for over one year before disposal in a dumpsite or for not more than three years before waste recycling.

Types of municipal waste management permits

There are the following sorts of licenses that you may require to start a waste management firm in Latvia: 

  • License for municipal waste management,
  • Authorization for deposit labeling administration
  • Waste transshipment, processing, or storage license
  • Waste management registration 
  • License for cross-border waste shipment.

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