A person considering pursuing a profession in social work will almost certainly have to obtain a license in the area. Social work licenses authenticate a social worker’s training and practice, and Latvia mandates charges for practitioners to use the term the social worker. Without the degree, social services may have trouble getting work. To be qualified for a human services license, an applicant must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in social work, while most charges need a master’s degree.

Deratisation licenses, healthcare social work licenses, and children monitoring service provider licenses are all options for social services.

Social service provider licenses 

The following are the permits that can be obtained in Latvia to work as a social server:

Register of social service providers

Individuals or groups with a Social Service Practitioner license can offer direct services to kids and families, the needy or homeless, immigrants, vets, the psychologically ill, the disabled, survivors of rape or spousal abuse, and anyone addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Law, property investment, education, telecommunications, storing, computing, and various other services are available through a service provider.

The basic responsibilities of a participant who obtains a social welfare practitioner license include evaluating the community’s requirements, strengths, and aspirations, dealing closely with students and businesses to enable them to make adjustments and resolve issues, organizing assistance, providing advice or consultations to other amenities and organizations, and maintaining accurate records.

The requirement to obtain the permit

Because the status of the social worker is a recognized profession, the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia regulates the paths to becoming a social worker.

Expertise counts a lot when getting a job as a social worker. The educational learning focuses on law, morality, and philosophy, with the work placement accounting for 50% of the human services programs. When registering for school, you’ll require some community work or social care background. This can be in the form of paid, volunteer, or placement employment, as well as life experience.

A bachelor’s degree in human services or a master’s degree in community work is required for social workers. A master’s degree is a two-year postgraduate education for persons with a bachelor’s degree in another field.

Registration of disinfectants, disinsectization, and derivatization service providers

This permit permits the holder to use disinfectants and insecticides to eliminate insects and rats. Insecticides and other bactericidal products must be used in compliance with legal requirements, as well as the data supplied on the biocidal product’s worksheet.

A healthcare expert who has identified the contagious illness or has competently proven indications of it shall decide the appropriate steps of the present disinfecting procedure in the central focus of a bacterial infection. Physical, structural, and biological disinfecting techniques will complete the work.

Skills required for license 

The following are the skills required to complete the basic responsibilities of a disinfector’s professional activity:

  • The ability to examine the performance and reliability of the actions taken, as well as the safety of humans, animals, and the ecosystem;
  • The ability to apply derivatization, disinsectization, and disinfection chemicals, to connect with customers, and inform about preventive measures when disinfecting, and disinfecting.
  • When dealing with biocidal agents, understanding derivatization, disinsectization, disinfection processes, and safety criteria. 

Special permit (license) for veterinary pharmaceutical activity 

To begin a pet pharmaceutical operation, a special license to operate a veterinary drugstore or veterinary wholesale business must be obtained.


A distributor of pet medical commodities or a veterinary drugstore must file a request for conformity evaluation. Distributors of veterinary pharmaceutical items must guarantee that sufficient premises and special tools are available to store appropriately and to supply veterinary pharmaceutical drugs.

If alcohol is disseminated, it must be provided under the criteria outlined in the regulatory enactments.

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