The ready-made company, also known as Shell Company, preliminarily formed company, seasoned company or aged company describes Limited Liability Company (LLC) or cooperation that has had no exertion, directly put on the shelf to age or being like an empty shell. Generally, a ready-made company is a Vat registered. 

Latvian Readymade Process 

The steps followed to start a ready-made company 

Your chosen directors and shareholders of the new company subscribe to formal documents that allow them to make them the directors of your ready-made company. They can also change ownership of the company into your power and it’s ready to trade incontinently. 

Transferring the company title name of the Ready-Made Company 

They are capable of also filing a company name change on the very same day. 

Appointing the new Directors 

To appoint the directors of your new company you’ll need to sign formal forms that state this. This can also be done by giving the company power of attorney to do this on your behalf. 

The former company will be removed as directors of the company and it’ll be transferred over to you. You also get the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, and the Company Secretarial Forms. 

Established Ready Made Shelf Companies, occasionally called old shelf or established companies, are dormant/ inactive companies that were incorporated in the former times but have no way been active. 

The Major advantages of shell companies in Latvia 

One of the most important advantages when acquiring a Latvian company is the time you can save on the process of objectification. It takes a lot less time to change the proprietor of a company rather than register a new one. 

Indeed if you can speed up the enrollment of a new company, it’ll generally come with extra charges. In the case of Latvian-aged companies, you can gain credibility and durability, some customers consider durability a crucial factor when going into business with a company. Also, banks or financial institutions may look back at the enrollment date before granting a loan. An aged company can also help you produce a history for your business. 

There are several cases when rather than company confirmation in Latvia, a purchase of a ready-made company is needed. Some of the most common causes can be listed as follows 

  • Urgency. A significant business deal should be concluded and company essentials should be handed or checks should be issued to a business mate right away. 
  • Image and credibility. Frequently, newly registered companies look not dependable to conduct business with. Purchase of a company registered some time ago allows for creating a dependable image. 
  • Compliance with formal conditions. In some cases when applying for government subventions or contracts, as well as bank loans there may be formal conditions to company age or the actuality of former business conditioning 
  • Time-saving. The action of incorporation requires time,  costs for registration, and further funds because of advanced state freights. It’s faster to change the proprietor of a company. 
  • Commercial life. Some business partners or credit institutions may look at the enrollment date before pacing with cooperation. Possible business partners will trust aged companies, which could be used for advertising. 
  • History of your business. Enhances a company’s image with age and increases credibility. 

The business purchase takes only many days. Due to trustability and cooperation with business partners 

The age but not the name of the ready-made company is of primary significance because a name change can be readily fulfilled. 

Legal address is obligatory in Latvia. The change of legal address or enrollment of fresh services takes up to four business days or it can be changed contemporaneously with business purchase.

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