Institutions that specialize in providing specialist, academic, and technological tasks for others make up the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Solutions industry. These tasks necessitate a high level of knowledge and experience. Personal financial reporting, recordkeeping, and payment processing; structural, construction, and specialized creative agency; software services; advisory programs; research projects; advertisements; pictorial facilities; transcription and analysis assistance; animal health; and other experts, systematic, and technical services are all permitted under the license in these industries.

Authorization of a pilot project for the use of an animal in the procedure

It is necessary to obtain a license from the FVO to conduct experiments on living animals. The FVS approval will be granted based on the suggestions of the FVO’s pilot scheme evaluation committee. Food and Veterinary facilities approve this certification.


To get a test program license, the entity in charge of the program or the experimental animal user must file a request to the Agency that includes the following information:

  • Details of the person who uses experimental animals,
  • The site of the experiment, 
  • Details of the in-charge person of the project,
  • Number of permits issued in person’s name,
  • The names of the people who will be performing the tasks,
  • The project’s beginning and finish dates,
  • Extensive info on anticipated scientific outcomes,
  • A rationale for the involvement of animals,
  • Techniques for utilizing or displacing the project,
  • Any method of preventing and alleviating animal suffering,
  • A list of the alterations performed on the animal, as well as descriptions of each.

Certificate for carrying out detective activity

an individual of a European Union Nation with postsecondary learning in legislation disciplines or a relevant work knowledge of at least five years in federal investigators (jury, attorney’s office, officers, inquiry officials, National police officials) is entitled to receive a license to conduct an investigator task.


The following documents must be submitted to the related authorities: 

  • Thoroughly fill out the application form,
  • One passport size picture,
  • A photocopy of the academic certificate evidencing the attainment of higher education in the law disciplines,
  • A psychiatrist’s and a neurologist’s assessment of one’s condition,
  • Proof of registration fee payment. 

Special authorization for the performance of the investigative activity

Individual traders, partners, and finance corporations licensed in line with the processes prescribed in the Law on Technology Services that give solutions to a legal or natural entity to safeguard their interests and entitlements shall be considered investigative work. A single trader, partner, or capital business whose administrator is a resident of a European Union and to whom the Detec Law does not apply, is eligible to obtain a permit to engage in detective work.


To obtain a permit, the candidate must complete and file a license application to the Latvian State Police, along with the necessary documents:

  • Passport and passport size photo,
  • A psychiatrist’s and a neurologist’s assessment of the wellness of the person,
  • Receipt of the state fee. 

Special permit (license) for the performance of security guard activities

Individuals who have not been penalized for a felony act or who have not adopted the status of the suspect in court prosecutions and who have not been identified with psychiatric conditions, liquor, drug, psychoactive or neurotoxic, or problematic behaviors are most likely to be granted a permit for protecting actions. A trader must file a request to the State Police Certification Authority for specific permission for security guard operations.

Security services are divided into four categories:

  1. the deployment of technological safety guard devices;
  2. providing physical security assistance;
  3. providing technical security solutions;
  4. the arrangement of information security facilities.


  • A request application form, 
  • Receipt of the state fee,
  • A statement from a psychiatrist proofing no psychological issue in the individual,
  • A copy of an educational degree. 

Other licenses: 

Authorization for prohibited plants, chemicals, and medicinal items in medical and veterinary medical research studies in Latvia.

  • Approval for the initiation of a clinical study
  • Permission to bring medicinal product samples into the Republic of Latvia
  • Authorization “for the person responsible for the pilot project.”

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