To procure a stock company in Latvia, the governing board of the company has to issue a certain statement of intent.

During the procurement of the stock company, joint procurement can be granted to several people at a time. The joint procurator issues the right of representation to procure the stock company to at least two people.

To be able to procure a stock company, the following documents are required to be submitted:

  1. Certified Application form
  2. A copy of the receipt, a printout of the online bank payment, or information regarding the payment of the State charge.

Completing the Registration Form

The application form is signed by the board of governors and the information needed includes:

  1. The applicant’s details;
  2. The procurer’s right to alienate, pledge or encroach property right;
  3. People that are granted the right of a joint procurement by the joint prosecutor;

Certifying the Signature

All necessary signatures are signed to certify the application. This can be submitted to the enterprise register. When submitting the documents in paper format, the signatures are certified as follows:

  1. A sworn notary
  2. In the orphan’s court, the declared place of residence. This is if the person has a personal identity number of the republic of Latvia, or there is no notary in the county, city, or parish.

Also note that when the document is to be submitted electronically, it is signed.  with a secure electronic signature and time stamp. In situations where are more than one signatory, all the signees must have an electric signature.

Paying the Fees

To register for the procurement of a stock company, the state fee is paid before the application for registration is submitted. The Enterprise Register makes sure that the state fee is credited to the treasury account.

Transfer of the state fee to any bank is made 2 days before submission of documents electronic or post.

To Register within 3 working days, the state fee for a change is EUR 20,00, which is paid into the treasury account. 

The state fee for two or more changes is EUR 40,00, which is also paid into the treasury account. 

To register for 1 working day, the state fee for 1 change is EUR 60,00 which is paid into the treasury account. 

The state fee for two or more changes is EUR 120,00, which is also paid into the treasury account.

Submitting the Documents

The merchant or an authorized person by the merchant submits the application and the documents. The documents are submitted through any of the following:

E-service online, electronically signed in e-address or e-mail, and by post.

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