Preliminary verification in the screening of the draft application and attached document is carried out before any submission for registration can take place. 

This is essential in the pre-commissioning of the document, this verification of data and document is carried out by the state notary. There is a specified regulatory enactment that regulates the activity of the relevant subject, and it informs the client of the deficiencies determined. Documents attached and submitted are:

  1. Application for the check of the document;
  2. The draft application and the documents are to be attached for verification;
  3. A receipt, online bank payment printout, or service payment information.

Enterprise Register

Making any submission, changes, or any application, the Enterprise Register through the state notary performs all verification of the data and documents, this follows the specification of the regulatory enactment, regulating the activities of the relevant merchant, undertaking, and other subjects. The document is verified and they ensure whether:

  1. All documents submitted for regulatory enactments or registration are carried out by Enterprise Register.
  2. All registered document has a legal effect; 
  3. The document conforms to the specified regulatory enactments or articles
  4. The volume and content of the information and rules conform to the registration file.

It is also noted that the enterprise register has a boundary and they do not check:

  1. Any security instrument.
  2. Personal data. The Enterprise Register State Notary screens draft documents.
  3. Personal data in the Population Register of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
  4. Statement from the SRS regarding the absence of tax debt if the exclusion of the subject from the register is applied for;
  5. The data of the owner of a real estate in the Land Register;
  6. The prohibition from doing business
  7. The Private legal agreement of the shareholders of the capital company is included in the articles of association.
  8. The application for verification that is not under the register

Paying for the Service

The service is paid with a transfer to any bank 2 days before submission of the document is received. 

Application for 1 draft accompanying documents on 1 subject or legal fact accrues a Service charge (1 working day) of EUR 46,00

Receiving Service

The draft applications, applications, and documents are submitted by the founders, the Board, the members, or any other person. The means used for submission include:

Electronically signed in e-address or e-mail or by post.

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