An individual merchant at liquidity or termination of the action is expected to apply to be excluded. This application is called the exclusion of a merchant from the commercial register to the Enterprise Register authority. The document to be submitted include:

  1. Application form KR14
  2. A copy of the receipt, a printout of the online bank payment, or information about the payment of the State fee.

14 days after the decision is made is the deadline for documents to be sent to the business register.

Completing the Registration Form

The merchant must also sign the application form before sending it in. This is to make sure that the application is complete.

Paying the Fees

Before an application for registration can be sent in, the State fee must be paid. Registration doesn’t happen until the Enterprise Register checks that the State fee has been credited and received in the Treasury account.

The State fee can be paid by transferring money to any bank two days before the documents for the merchant’s exclusion are sent, which can be done electronically or by mail.

The cost to register with the state within one to three business days is EUR 20.00.

Submitting the Documents

The application and the documents to be attached are sent to the enterprise register by the merchant or a person authorized by the merchant. This is done by three means, which are;

E-service online

  1. These documents are signed by authorized people using an e-signature on a smart card (eID or eParaksta card) or eParaksts mobile on their website portal.
  2. The documents must be submitted online at
  3. All replies are received in an e-service or e-address
  4. A detailed list of all the applications are submitted via e-service and exceptions

Electronically signed in e-address or e-mail

  1. This channel is also used if there isn’t an online e-service for submitting documents or if one of the files to be submitted is larger than 3 MB.
  2. Documents sent in are signed with a secure electronic signature from another country.
  3. It is best to use an e-mail address because it makes communication between the person and the country safer.
  4. Through e-service, a detailed list of applications and any exceptions has to be sent in.

By post

  1. The documents that have been signed are sent to the Register.
  2. Along with the documents is a payment order for the national fee.

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