Notification of a meeting is a legal statement that notifies a firm’s executive board and other participants that an investor meeting, or administrative activity, will be held. Since it notifies relevant individuals about the hour, venue, and schedule of an upcoming event, a notification of the conference can be viewed as an invitation to the business gathering.

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The notification must follow the state’s administrative governing regulations and the firm’s management rules, which are outlined in the articles of the organization. The conference invitation must be delivered to the board of directors by a member designated by the business’s statutes, typically the firm’s secretary.

Steps of announcement and opening of meetings 

  1. File for meeting request 

When organizing a business meeting, the first step is to notify the district headquarters of the business registrar. The application for the request must be presented to the officials. At the same time, all of the necessary paperwork must be gathered and presented. The registrar may authorize your request for convening an official company meeting after five working days if they believe the plan is genuine.

  1. Send meeting notifications

After getting the approval of the business registrar, send a written notice to all members informing them of the meeting and include an advance copy of the plan in accordance with your LLC’s operating agreement. 

  1. Provide a meeting schedule

Mention the meeting’s date, time, and venue, as well as the matter to be discussed, in the formal meeting notification. Also, let members know if there will be voting. To make program planning easier, your LLC’s operational contract should include limitations on the types of operations that can be addressed at conferences and, for specific sessions, restrict the conversation to only the topics listed on the meeting notification.

  1. Choose a secretary to act as the official recorder of the proceedings

Assign a person to take notes and completely capture the event’s proceedings for placement in the LLC’s archives and if needed by your operational manual, disclosure to the shareholders. Minutes should entail an action plan, Representatives in participation, the opening of the conference, administration’s review, treasurer’s document, the timeline for the next meeting, and adjournment.

  1. Bring important records with you

To check terms at the conference, have a duplicate of the LLC’s main papers available, along with its Certificate of Incorporation, rules, and records from past meetings. As participants gather at the conference, hand out printouts of the finished action plan, which should contain photocopies of the LLC’s vote rights and rules.

Requirements for announcement and opening of the meeting

The meeting must be called if the General Manager or the Cabinet has not called the session. The member, the stakeholder, the partner, or his appropriate representative may seek the hold a conference.


  • The request application;
  • The name and other personal details of the person who wants to hold the meeting such as his ID, residency, date of birth, and registration number;
  • The relationship between the firm and the person who requests that the meeting be held;
  • Document stating the time, day, and venue of the meeting;
  • Annual reports of the company;
  • Details of minutes of shareholder meeting;
  • The alteration to the laws.


You can issue an invoice with a credit or debit card when you receive it in person at the Corporate Registry or with a money transfer to any bank two days before the meeting request is submitted. The application fee for the meeting for less than five members is 191,00 Euros and for the meeting with more than five people is 250,00 Euros.

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