The methods for registering and obtaining permits for wholesale and retail businesses are very similar to those for manufacturing companies. Traders must pay the registration charge, create a bank account, and get a tax identification number. Aside from that, the trader must supply the authorities with the necessary documentation, which must have all the appropriate information.

The government of Latvia offers a variety of wholesale and retail permits, including a license for biopharmaceutical goods, a special license for starting a drugstore and wholesale dealing in prescription medicines, an authorization for the distribution of health drugs, a special authorization for wholesaling of veterinary medications, a registration for alcoholic products and cigarettes, marketing approval for raw milk, and many others. Below are a few of the Latvian wholesale and retail licenses.

Wholesale and retail licenses in Latvia 

There are the following forms of retail or wholesale license that you can apply for in Latvia 

License for the retail sale of natural gas as fuel

Entities interested in trading natural gas must register with the Natural Gas Suppliers’ Registry under the Basic Authentication Laws. A corporation must send a Notice on the Establishment of a Natural Gas Dealer to the Control board to be included in the Natural Gas Traders’ List. Within a few days, the Gas Division’s relevant workers will verify the Notice and add the firm to the Natural Gas Traders’ List.

Within 30 days of receiving the appropriate request, the Authority must make a judgment on the granting of a permit, the change of a license’s terms, the revocation of consent, or the rejection to issue a license. The request is considered submitted on the day the Authority receives all required data and records.

License for wholesale trade in petroleum products

Except for private individuals who are not traders or have not enrolled as a firm in the taxpayers’ record, a special authorization for wholesale trading of oil products authorizes the distribution of petroleum to merchants or consumers. 

The request for a special license for the distribution trading of oil goods must be submitted to the SRS Digital Reporting Network and must include all required papers. Before receiving a special permit, the regulatory charge of 284 euros must be paid.

License for the retail sale of petroleum products 

To acquire a retail license for trading oil goods in Latvia, the candidate should approach the Latvian State Budget Agency. The digital site can be used to upload the requests. The candidate must pay the required processing fee when submitting the paperwork. A site plan must also be filed with the officials.

Along with the request form, details on the tank operating area, pressurized tanks, complicated pipe schematics, gasoline storing, and transmission must be submitted.

Small quantities of marketing authorization for eggs for final consumer or retail sale

To get a license, the producer must file a request to the PVD, detailing the manager of the herd’s forename, surname, or corporate name, as well as the herd’s registry number and location in the data center’s registry of domesticated animals, cows, and holdings. The officials must also be informed of the overall amount of animals in the keeping, the quantity of producing birds, and the kind or types of birds from which eggs are acquired.

Market authorization for medical products 

In the domestic authentication process, the State Agency of Medicines analyses the request for sales approval in line with the agreement of moral deeds. 

For marketing authorization of pharmaceutical products, request forms and accompanying paperwork must be provided digitally under Latvian criteria to produce and present paperwork in the eCTD style.

An upfront payment must be made when submitting paperwork for marketing authorization, and all necessary files must be included in the marketing authorization request.

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