When an individual gets a residency visa in Latvia, he cannot drive until his former national driver’s license is exchanged for a Latvian driver’s license. Simultaneously time, attending a driving school is not required. There is also no requirement that you pass a technical test. A physical checkup and a driver’s test, on the other hand, are not exempted.

The following are the permit options for driver’s license training in Latvia:

Initial certification of a tractor-engineering training team

The program aims to register a learning team for an academic facility that trains tractor-engineering supervisors under legal criteria. Only an educational institute authorized by the State Data Network is allowed to instruct tractor-engineering drivers.


To begin the certification procedure for the academic faculty’s training class of drivers, the leader of the educational facility must first fulfill the service’s requirements and fill or send the relevant paperwork. The information required is the quantity and schedule of hours, the instructional personnel, the coaching recording card of the student, the full location of the areas of practical coaching, and other information requested.

The trainer must be an individual who is permitted to represent the Natural Entity or conduct an e-service on that natural individual’s account. The service fee must also be paid before the registration process. 

Initial registration of the educational establishment of tractor engineering drivers

By granting a training identification certificate, the agency gives the academic establishment of the drivers the authority to train tractor-engineering drivers per the criteria of the legislative decree. Only an educational facility authorized by the State Computer System is allowed to train tractor-engineering operators.


At the time of incorporation, the statutory fee must be paid to the authorities. To begin the authorization procedure for an academic institution, a spokesperson of the academic facility must first satisfy the program definition and provide the needed details about the educational establishment. The conceptual classroom, the site of the driving testing range, the teaching personnel, tractor engineering, and other requested details are all included in the material.

Issue of a practical training instructor certificate for driver training

The agency will supervise learning facilities and merchants’ training processes by verifying that tractor engineering managers are trained per legal ordinances, governed by VTUA as one of the defined State tasks.

The accreditation of instruction experts is a procedure in which THE VTUA trains and evaluates persons, following which a realistic learning trainer license for tractor driver instruction is awarded. VTUA will issue training permission to an academic facility or a trader who desires to conduct tractor engineering driver instruction.


A request must be made to get educational licenses or accreditation services for professional skills. Other important paperwork required for the application includes rental or ownership paperwork, tractor machinery, and training documentation. 

Car driver training 

Skilled rehabilitation centers, university students, and secondary school learners can participate in a state-funded class B driver education program as part of the expert rehabilitation offering if they have no medical contraindications.


  • Driver’s identification proof,
  • Medical certificate,
  • Receipt of registration payment. 

Training card for driver’s training 

Organizations and academic facilities that have earned a teaching license may instruct drivers. The instruction license authorizes the bearer to instruct drivers in the divisions mentioned on the certificate in designated training areas and verifies that the instruction spaces meet the regulations’ standards. 


A business or educational establishment must submit the following information to the CSDD to get a training card:

  • Request application; 
  • papers showing that the candidate owns or has an agreement for the use of an instruction area and a driving practice area;
  • a receipt for payment for the classroom assessment.

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