One of the most requested special licenses in Latvia is the construction permit as the rules for building are very important to protect people. Latvia enabled the process of obtaining construction permits by minimizing the time spent between the submission of documents and the insurance of the permit. Also, they wanted to make sure they remove public Health agencies from the process.

A merchant may apply for the registration in the register if

  • The merchant employs at least one person who must have the right to independent practice in the field of architecture or construction or a member of the board of the merchant is a construction specialist.
  • Construction specialists employed by the merchant must have no relationship with a construction specialist in employment with more than two other merchants registered in the register.
  • The merchant must lodge a submission to the registered institution and will work within ten working days if the receipt is in paper form or five working days if the submission was made in electronic form and signed with a secure electronic signature. The information will be verified and   If the merchant complies with the requirements he or she must pay the state fee.

Important things to include in the register

  • Information is indicated in the submission of registration.
  • Details about the actions of construction merchants in the past fiscal year and the average number of persons working in construction.
  • The main field of activity in which the merchant performs the activity.
  • Details about the resolution used by the registered institution regarding the construction merchant.
  • An observation concerning the resumption of enrollment at the state revenue service
  • The merchant shall once a year by 30 April submit to the registered institution annual information

The registered institution shall have the right to verify the compliance of the data indicated in the register with the data indicated in other state information systems. If the register institution determines non-compliance of data it shall make changes in the register or eliminate the construction merchant from the register and the register institution shall suspend the registration of a construction merchant for a period of up to six months. If the relevant submission has been received from the construction merchant, during this period the merchant is not entitled to perform any activity in the field of construction in which a construction specialist is required. A construction merchant shall not be suspended for more than twelve months.

Whether regarding the resolution done by the state Revenue service economic activity of a construction merchant has been dangled until the enterprise register has made a record regarding the renewal of economic activity.

The construction merchant shall be eliminated from the register if

  • The registered institution determines that the construction merchant doesn’t comply with the requirements.
  • If the construction merchant has not submitted annual information by 30 April.
  • Has failed for six months repeatedly to submit the information with the term laid.
  • Has provided false data to the registered institution.
  • An agreement has been obtained from the construction merchant concerning stopping employment legitimate relationships with the only construction specialist.
  • The construction merchant has been left out of the commercial register. The register institution shall decide to exclude the construction merchant from the register, within the month from the day of occurrence, he or she will make an automatic mark after receipt of the data from the enterprise register in the construction information system.

The decision of the registered institution may be applied to the procedures laid down in the administrative procedure law. A merchant who has been excluded from the register may be re-registered; re-registration of the merchant shall be performed by the procedure laid down in the regulation.

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