When setting up a European Economic Interest Group, there must be at least two companies or other legal persons having their top operation in the different Member States or two natural persons carrying out their main business in different Member States, or a company or other legal person and a natural person. The top operation of the legal person must be positioned in one Member State, and the person must carry out his or her top conditioning in another Member State.

Checking the name

The name or establishment is the name of the group entered in the register, which it uses when closing deals and signing.

Conditions for choosing a name

  • Before or after it shall include the words European Economic Interest Group Or the condensation EEIG unless those words are included in the name.
  • Latvian or Latin letters must be used, integers can be used.
  • You can use punctuation marks (points, commas, colons, citation marks, etc.)
  • The names of State or original government authorities (authorities), as well as the word’ State’or’ original government’, cannot be included.
  • Cannot include the words republic of Latvia and their restatement into a foreign language.
  • Deceiving information on the form of marketable exertion, similar to the term’s, ‘EVERY’, HTML, cannot be included.
  • Still, the establishment mustn’t coincide with the name of the executive home or agreement concerned, it’s necessary to include fresh words If the name of the executive home or the domestic area is included.
  • The use of names containing uncensored words and nebulous terms ( negative to good merits) isn’t allowed.
  • Cannot coincide with a formerly registered trademark or part thereof. Check the aspirant for trademarks registered by the Patent Office.
  • It shall not be possible to coincide with any name registered in the Enterprise Register or with the name of the reality applied for.


The European Economic Interest Group shall be chaired by a director appointed by the Authors.


  • The position of a director may correspond to one or further natural persons.
  • The position of a director may not correspond to a person who has been deprived of similar rights.
  • About third parties, the group shall only be represented by the director or, in the case of two or further directors, by all directors.

 Memorandum of Association

When establishing a new European Economic Interest Group, the founders shall draw up a founding convention, which shall be signed by each person.

The document must contain:

  • The name of the group, before or after it, includes the words European Economic Interest Group Or the condensation ‘EEIG’, unless those words are included in the name.
  • The legal address of the group.
  • Group Creation Goals.
  • The name, firm name, legal form, endless address or registered office, and enrollment number and place of each member of the group, if any.
  • Duration of the group, unless unidentified.

Checking the address

The listed office of the company shall be the address entered in the Commercial Register which the company uses for formal communication. The operation board of the company must ensure that correspondence is entered at the listed office of the company.

Conditions for enrollment of the listing office

The listing office must coincide with the address entered in the State Address Register. Verification of the free address in the kadastrs.lv Information System of the State Address Register:

  • An address may only be registered in a structure or group of demesne ( apartment), it can not be registered in a property conforming solely of the land.
  • Still, it’s necessary to indicate the exact number of the group of apartments in which the listing office is registered.
  • If the immovable property consists of several groups of premises. The operation must certify that the company is attainable and has a legal base to be at the designated legal address.

Completing the enrollment form

The operation form EEIG1 is to be signed by all the authors or the operation shall be written by any other person to whom it has been entrusted by the founding members (a notarized accreditation to be submitted).

Submitting the documents

The operation and the documents to be attached thereto may be submitted by the founders or by any other person to whom the founding fathers have entrusted it.

When submitting documents written with a secure signature accompanied by a secure time stamp, no notarial document of signatures shall be needed.

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