For a merchant to change a name, they have to apply for an entry in the commercial register. The document involved in the process to effect this change include:

  1. The KR18 Application form
  2. A copy of a receipt, a bank payment printout, or any other document

It should also be important to note that the deadline for the submission of the document to the enterprise register is 14 days from the adoption of the decision which covers the following:

  1. The new name the firm is adopting
  2. The merchant firm’s name is entered in the commercial register, and used for commercial purposes, entering into transactions and signings.

There are also conditions for selecting a name and they include

  1. Reference to the type of merchant either an individual merchant or its abbreviation which is included at the beginning or end of the firm.
  2. Latvian or Latin texts are only accepted
  3. Digits or numbers can be used
  4. Punctuation marks (points, commas, colons, quotation marks, etc.) are accepted
  5. Five symbols – &, @, %, +, =, other symbols not allowed
  6. The names of State or local government authorities (authorities), as well as the word ‘State’ or ‘local government’, cannot be included.
  7. The word ‘Republic of Latvia’ and its translation into a foreign language cannot be used
  8. Misleading information about the form of commercial activity, such as the terms ‘AS’, ‘SIA’, and utml are not accepted
  9. The use of names containing uncensored words and ambiguous terms (contrary to good virtues) is not allowed
  10. The firm should not coincide with the name of the administrative territory or settlement concerned, it is necessary to include additional words, letters, or numbers in the name
  11. Already registered trademark should not coincide with the firm’s name, it is advisable to check Patent Office Registered Trademark Finder before adopting a name.
  12. It should not coincide with any entity in the entry of the commercial register or anyone applying for, punctuation, spaces, and uppercase or lower case letter don’t differ from the other names so it is not accepted
  13. All documents for submission must carry the same name.

Completing the Registration Form

The application form KR18 is obliged to be signed by the merchant who wants to effect the change.

Paying the fees

The enterprise register ensures that all the payment of the state fee is executed before receiving any form of application for registration. The Registration is made only after the Enterprise Register has certified and made sure that the State fee is credited to the Treasury account, then the documents can be submitted.

The State fee can be effected using a transfer to any bank 2 days before the submission of documents electronically or by post and it takes a different price range depending on how long each registration takes.

Registration within 3 working days charges a State fee of EUR 20.00

Registration 1 working day also charges The State fee of EUR 60,00

Submitting the documents

To submit the application and the documents attached, the merchant or any other person to whom the merchant has entrusted to do so submits the right means. These means include:

E-service online

The merchant ensures that all documents are signed with an e-signature on a smart card (eID or eParaksta card) or with separatists mobile on the portal.

The documents are then submitted through the enterprise’s website Here they can receive replies.

Electronically signed in e-address or e-mail

This channel is regarded as the safer channel between the country and its individuals, here it is used when there is no e-service created online for document submission and files that exceed 3MB.

By post

Through this means, all signed documents are sent to the Enterprise Register and the payment accompanies it.

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