The address stated in the Trade Registry that the firm owns for formal interaction is the legal address of the entity. If you intend to change your LLC’s registered address, notifying the relevant authorities of the shift is critical to keep your firm running without interruption.

As a shareholder of an LLC, you must notify your jurisdiction of any alterations to the designation of your firm. If your LLC has a changed location or will in the upcoming days, you’ll have to alter the articles of incorporation or organization license, according to your state’s terminology—and notify the appropriate agencies.

Forgetting to renew the documents and inform the appropriate authorities might lead to your LLC’s license to act being revoked; therefore, alerting the appropriate officials is vital.

Requirements for changing the legal address as per Latvian state laws

  • The request must demonstrate that the firm is reachable and has lawful authority to be at the specified legal location,
  • If the asset is made up of various sets of premises, the precise number of the location of spaces where the authorized business is located must be specified,
  • An address can only be licensed in a facility or parts of buildings; it cannot be established in communal land,
  • The corporate headquarters and the location in the official address registry must be the same. 

Necessary measures when changing the business address

If you intend to move your registered office, you’ll need to inform various authorities and other groups. The following steps can be taken to update your address:

  1. Modify your firm’s articles of incorporation. Reports of the organization should be filed with your secretary as an LLC. To update your postal address, consult with the officials to learn what you have to submit and what adjustments you have to make to your Memorandum of Incorporation. Pay any fees that are due. Even if you operate from home or have a digital company site, you must notify the state government of the new address.
  2. Inform the state tax authorities of any changes to your firm location. Your LLC may be subject to charges and penalty points if the local tax department does not have the new company site and you miss tax deadlines.
  3. Notify the appropriate licensing agencies of your new address. Make sure you have all the necessary licenses to keep working at your new site.
  4. Inform public bodies in all jurisdictions where you make the trade of the modification in your LLC’s location. Changing the facts in one site where you perform most of your operations isn’t sufficient. Your new LLC location must be reported to all states where your firm competes.
  5. Update your address at the postal service to forward your mail by the USPS. Don’t overlook this procedure if you don’t want to lose essential mail.
  6. Make changes to your webpage. If you can’t do it yourself, you can pay a website designer to do it for you.
  7. Insurance companies should be notified. If you’re departing your existing business premises, you’ll need to tell insurance companies, such as personal liability coverage. You’ll have to acquire the same or comparable financial protection at your new site.
  8. Notify your merchants and distributors of your new location. When shifting your LLC’s location, turn off services at your old site and establish new contracts with contractors and suppliers at your new facility.
  9. Customers or clients should be made aware of the situation. While it is necessary to inform regional and district officials, failing to tell your customers your new address will mean a loss in business opportunities.
  10. Submit any necessary documents of modification with the ministry. Ensure you follow the registration as mentioned earlier requirements if you relocate your business address to Latvia. Depending on your state, you may be required to pay a fee.

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