The member’s conference will judge any modifications to the board’s structure. Each stakeholder of the corporation may be appointed or removed individually at a committee meeting. If the memorandum of incorporation includes a restriction on the election of the council that applies to public limited liability corporations, the conference of shareholders must choose the whole constitution of the board at the same time. A council member may resign at any time.

For modifications in the structure of the council, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Proof of state fee payment,
  • Resignation letter from the council member,
  • The freshly appointed council members’ written consent,
  • Minutes of the conference at which the judgment on the counsel appointment or withdrawal was made.
  • A thoroughly filled application form. 

The deadline for submitting documentation to the enterprise register is 14 days after making the decision.

Minutes of the shareholders’ conference or a resolution made by the stockholders

The minutes are a historical account of every course of action taken throughout a conference of the company’s stockholders, termed as resolutions in corporate law. The activities performed and decisions approved by the owners throughout a normal or exceptional conference are described and recorded in these minutes. 

The records are kept in a company minute journal, including historical entries from each session, such as resolutions, officer appointments, and any other shareholder activity.

The resolution on adjustments to the organization’s constitution is recorded in the minutes of the stakeholders’ discussion. The conclusion of the participants’ gathering shall be recorded in the minutes approved by the conference chief, the tracking official, and at least one appointed representative of the conference. The records include reassurance of the minutes’ accuracy and ease of the decision’s correctness. If the firm has just one member, the member’s choice shall be prepared and signed instead of the minutes.

The minute documents must contain the following information:

  • Name of the firm,
  • Guidelines for participant meetings,
  • Date and place of meeting,
  • The amount of share capital, paid-up permanent capital, and voting investment registered by the corporation,
  • Personal information on the attendees,
  • The number of shares and the quantity of the share capital, as well as the stakeholders’ right to vote,
  • The conference leader’s and tracking officer’s biographical information,
  • The meeting’s assembling organization and the date and hour when the meeting’s notification was held,
  • Meeting objectives, 
  • Final decisions,
  • The total number of votes cast in support and opposition to each judgment.

If the bylaws do not allow for a greater rate of participation, a conference of participants shall be settled if it is convened by participants who together constitute more than 50% of the shareholding of the ability to vote.

The initial ruling must be confirmed by the same people who signed it, and it must be filed with the registry of activities.

The Management Committee must complete, approve, and file the requested document. The request must be approved by the council member who departed or the Governing Council. 


Before submitting a request for registration, the statutory payment is made. Only until the company registrar has verified that the state charge has been deposited to the treasury account can filing be completed. 

The administration charge can be paid by wire transfer to any bank two days before the online or postal submission of information. The state registration price varies between Euros 20,00 and Euros 60,00 depending on the number of modifications and processing days.

The management committee or an individual designated by the administration must submit the application and associated papers. You can submit your application either electronically or via mail.

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