To change any personal data, it must be effected by the enterprise register ensuring that the information is correct. 

The  Information regarding the merchant such as given names, personal identity numbers with the personal identity code of the Republic of Latvia, and others are applied for and necessary documents are submitted to the enterprise register. The merchant has a duration of 14 days to submit the documents after the information change. The documents to be submitted are:

  1. Application Form KR18
  2. A receipt, a printout of online bank payment, or other information about State fee payment.

Completing the Registration Form

The merchant is required to sign the KR18 application form. The application must indicate the nature of the proposed changes.

Paying the Fees

Before accepting any sort of registration application, the enterprise register confirms that all state fees have been paid in full. The paperwork cannot be provided until the Enterprise Register has validated and confirmed that the State fee has been credited to the Treasury account, at which point the registration can occur.

The State fee can be paid via transfer to any bank two days before the submission of papers electronically or by mail, and the amount varies based on the length of time required for each registration.

Registration within three business days is subject to a State cost of €20.00 for one change and €30.00 for two or more changes.

One-day registration incurs a cost of EUR 60.00 for a single change and EUR 90.00 for two or more changes.

Submitting the Documents

The application and the documents are attached and submitted by the merchant or any other person to whom the merchant has entrusted it to do so. They are submitted via:

E-service online

Submitting via e-service online;

  1. All documents are signed using an e-signature on a smart card (eID or eParaksta card) or the eParaksts mobile app available at
  2. The website for submission is
  3. The merchant is certain that the response was sent by e-mail service.
  4. With no exceptions, the list of applications submitted by e-service follows.

Electronically signed in e-address or e-mail

Submitting via electronically signed in e-address or e-mail;

  1. When an e-service wasn’t available for online document submission, documents greater than 3 MB were submitted via one of these alternative ways.
  2. Before sending any papers to this domain, the legislation must receive a secure electronic signature from outside its nation of origin.
  3. E-mail addresses provide a more secure route of communication between the individual and the country.
  4. List of applications that may be submitted by e-service and any exceptions to this rule

By post

  1. Signed and notarized documentation may be submitted to the Enterprise Register.
  2. The consignment must include a payment order for the national charge.

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