A sole trader is a person who runs a business venture alone, therefore in Latvia changing the legal address of the sole trader means the new address is implemented in the commercial register by applying for an entry. The document essential for submission are:

  1. An application form (KR18)
  2. A copy of the receipt, online bank payment printout, or other payment information.

It will also be important to note that the deadline for submitting the document to the enterprise register is 14 days after adopting the decision to change the legal address.

Checking the Address

A legal address entered in the commercial register is used by the merchant for official communication and is also identified as the merchant’s location; changing this address means the merchant will have to ensure correspondence is received at the legal address and meet the condition for registration of a registered office which are:

  1. The registered office must match the state’s address register. The free address is verified at www.kadastrs.lv.
  2. Land cannot be registered as an address unless it’s in a building or group of premises (apartment)
  3. It’s important to specify the registered office’s room count, especially if the property has multiple rooms.
  4. The application must certify that the merchant is legally at the given address.
  5. The application should include the building’s cadastre designation if there are no numbered rooms.
  6. The application must include the cadastre designation of the registered office room.
  7. If the registered office is in a building with numbered and unnumbered rooms, include the cadastre designation.
  8. Cadastre information about a building, apartment, or room can be discovered at www.kadastrs.lv.

Completing the registration form

The application form KR18 is obligatorily signed by the merchant.

Paying the fees

Before applying for registration, the state fee must be paid. To complete registration, the Enterprise Register must verify that payment of the State fee has been received by the Treasury Department.

The State fee can be executed through a transfer to any bank 2 days before the submission of documents electronically or by post.

Registration within 3 working days for the State fee for 1 change is EUR 20.00, and the State fee for 2 or more changes is EUR 30,00

Registration within a working day for the State fee for 1 change is EUR 60,00, and the State fee for 2 or more changes is EUR 90,00

Submitting the documents

The application and the documents attached are submitted by the merchant or any other person to whom the merchant has entrusted to do so.

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