The Member Record is divided into sections, displaying the full existing participation. Modifications to the section should be made if assets are sold, member data updates, shareholding rises or reduces, or the stake is fully paid. 

If you want to change any details on the shareholder’s registry, you must submit the following documents to the authorities:

  • Details of the member;
  • The details of the section of the participant’s list in which you want to make adjustments;
  • A duplicate of the Certificate of Inheritance that has been notarized;
  • A record of a confirmation or a copy of an internet banking transaction; and
  • An application form. 

Folio of the shareholders’ register

It must be certified by the Chairman of the Governing Council or a representative of the Supervisory Board. It must be accompanied by a request approved by all of the Managing Members of the board.

The document required are: 

  • Name of the company;
  • Registration number and registered office;
  • The fact that the corporation is in the process of being liquidated or insolvent;
  • The compartment’s unique serial code;
  • The partition’s start date;
  • Detailed info about the member;
  • The serial number of the admittance;
  • Component serial numbers;
  • The number of shares that each member owns;
  • The share’s nominal worth;
  • The deadline for submitting the materials (paid or unpaid);
  • If the company purchases the parts, the rationale for the purchase must be stated.

The preceding bin codes must be followed when numbering the bins. For instance, if the previous shareholder register partition No 2 to register a corporation, the following member must use registration partition no 3. 

Beneficial Owners 

When simultaneously requesting adjustments to the member registry, the registration form must also include data about the company’s PLG.

The PLG is a legal entity that possesses more than 25% of the stock shares/voting powers of the limited liability company or governs it explicitly or implicitly and is at least a legal entity that holds more than 25% of the equity shares/voting powers of the company in the format of direct or indirect involvement.

Details on the beneficiary, such as his name, ethnicity, ID, residency, and methods of managing Limited Liability Company (SIA). Information on the individual through whom the regulation is conducted, like his name, personal identity, registration number, and address, must also be provided.

You can fill out and upload the application form and submit the required information and personal details along with the form. 

Certifying the signatures

It is important to verify the signatures on the stakeholder’s registration folder when submitting papers. 

paying the fee

Before filing a registration request, the Statutory fee must be deposited. Only until the Enterprise Register has verified that the State charge has been paid to the Treasury account can enrollment be completed. 

Payment of the Government fee can be made by wire transfer to any bank two days before the digital or postal submission of the application.

Registration within one working day 

One change: Euros 60

Two or more changes: Euros 120

Registration within three working days 

One change: Euros 20

Two or more changes: Euros 40

Submitting the documents 

The management committee or an authorized person must submit the request and relevant accompanying documents. There is no need for notarial verification of identities when delivering papers signed with a safe e-signature and a secure time stamp. 

The files can be submitted electronically through phone or email. In such circumstances, however, the documents should only be signed with an electronic signature. You can also send the request application and papers to the enterprise registration through the post director.

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