Convening a meeting of shareholders of a stock company in Latvia requires processes. Shareholders or general meetings of members of cooperative societies that have acquired the status of a merchant are called through a register of undertakings. 

In cases where no meeting was convened by the management board, audit commission, or council of the company or cooperative society, they can not have a meeting but it can be convened.

Shareholders, participants, and authorized persons can request for a meeting to be held. To achieve this, documents are submitted to the Register of Enterprise which are:

  1. An application
  2. A draft of an annual report at the meeting if it had been held
  3. An amendment of the statute decided at the meeting
  4. A receipt or online payment printout showing service payment.

It is also essential that these documents are to contain the following:

  1. The name and registration number of the company in which the meeting is to be convened.
  2. Personal details of the attendees convening the meeting (representative’s details)
  3. Relationship between company’s participants, shareholders, and members and meeting of interrogation
  4. The type of meeting held (emergency or current)
  5. The meeting’s agenda.

Payment for the Service

The register of enterprises of the Republic of Latvia ensures that payment is made before accepting any application. This means payment is made 2 days before submission of the service, this is either by bank payment or transfer.

The cost for the service is paid per meeting of members, the price range of 5 members is EUR 191.00; the cost per meeting of a member of SIA with more than 5 members is EUR 250.00; the fees for the meeting of shareholders of AS and general meeting of members of the cooperative society/meeting of trustees is EUR 250.00.

Submit the document

Submission of the document is carried out by a member, shareholder, member, or authorized person to the register of an enterprise. There are done through the means of the following:

  1. Electronically signed e-address or e-mail with
  1. Documents signed and submitted via these channels are accepted with a secured electronic signature issued abroad and Information concerning service pay is compulsorily added
  2. E-address is a safer communication channel between the individual and the country.
  3. By Post with
  1. All signed documents sent to the enterprise register
  2. The message accompanying the information of the service payment.

Procedure for the announcement of a meeting

To announce the meeting, the enterprise register request information from the management board’s registered office, these include if the meeting’s proposed agenda has been convened or not, and public liability companies are asked about the list of voting shareholders requested to join the board too.

This is done within five days of the enterprise register receiving the application for the announcement and opening of meetings. Arrangements for the announcement include

The enterprise register will refuse to convene the meeting if the board itself has already convened a meeting on the agenda announced:

  1. The enterprise registration notifies all firm members about the meeting based on the application.
  2. Location of meetings are convened at the premises of the relevant division of the enterprise 
  3. The enterprise register checks members’ personal and representational power to establish a quorum.
  4. The state notary requests a leader, secretary, and vote counters.

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