Some tiny companies need a team. However, it is possible to launch your own business and manage it alone. Here are some suggestions if you’re prepared to launch your own company and desire the independence and financial savings of a solopreneur.

What is a Solopreneur

Small company proprietors known as solopreneurs run their companies on their own. Some ideas for solo businesses can be carried out by a single person, and other solopreneurs may outsource specific tasks rather than employ staff.

Solopreneur opportunities in 2022

The proliferation of remote work, outsourcing, and automation has made starting a solo firm a more and more common alternative. Many solopreneurs just devote their free time to a business idea they’re passionate about. While other businesses do take extensive effort and planning, entrepreneurs frequently rely on outside help and technology to handle any additional workload.

Why you should be a sole proprietor

Here are some advantages of doing it alone if you’re debating between more conventional company structures and solopreneur business ideas:


Since there are no employees, there are no costs associated with paying for office space, recruiting, training, salaries, or benefits.

Get going right away

Numerous business structures necessitate complex tax filings and legal documents. The procedure is comparable to just filing your income taxes as a sole proprietorship. Nevertheless, depending on your region and industry, there can be a few pertinent forms.

Keep control

Since you don’t have a board of directors, investors, or a company partner, you are free to make all business choices on your own.

Top solopreneur ideas in 2022

If you’re interested in starting a new business on your own in 2022, here are some of the best options to consider.

Pet grooming business

Offer your skills as a pet groomer if you enjoy working with animals. Use a mobile grooming van for your business or go to clients’ homes.

House cleaning services

The demand for house cleaning services is widespread across the nation. Simply promote your services locally and create an independent-manageable schedule.

Graphic designer

You may manage your own graphic design company from home while communicating virtually with other business owners.

 Pet-sitting business

By identifying potential clients among your connections and then growing by word of mouth, you can launch your own pet-sitting business.

Planning an event

An event planner may work with clients to organize weddings, graduation celebrations, or business events, gradually expanding their local clientele and vendor network.

Life coach 

Online or in-person life coaching is available. Simply assist each customer in achieving their unique goals by working with them one-on-one.

 Business of tutoring

Subject-specific tutors can work with both local schools and students one-on-one.

Coffee shop business

Open a coffee shop or cart with hours suitable for one person.

Errand service

For a nominal fee, offer to run errands such as grocery shopping and dry cleaning for your neighbors. This is an excellent technique for novices to produce revenue.

Financial consulting business 

Work digitally or in person with small firms if you have prior financial management experience. Instead of offering ongoing assistance, consultants typically disseminate information and tools to assist businesses in managing their books.

Freelance writing

On a contract basis, freelance writers create articles, blogs, or content marketing for companies. You can deal with some profitable companies at once or just focus on one or two.

E-commerce seller

Create your own online business from home, handling the website, advertising, and stock. Even dropshipping and fulfillment services are available to handle logistics for you.

Digital Marketing

Remotely provide a range of digital marketing services, including public relations and PPC advertising. The initial expenditures are inexpensive; just market your services online to discover organizations that require your expertise.

Social media influencer

If you have a sizable social media following, collaborate with businesses to develop campaigns that are tailored to your audience.