The structure of Latvia is excellent for developing the storage and transportation sectors. The transportation and storage industry shows potential when examining the Latvian market. In 2019, this industry contributed around 9% of the GDP. In other countries in the region, the transportation and storage sectors are tightly related to commercial vehicles. On the other hand, the situation in Latvia is rather different. In addition to roads, air, rail, and the sea are often used. You will need transportation and storage permission from the relevant authorities if you want to invest in this sector. The following permits are necessary for storage and transportation in Latvia:

Permit for a bus

A one-year authorization card is given for commercial bus transportation of passengers across Latvia. It enables the use of buses for public transportation inside the borders of Latvia along a route that adheres to a set timetable. By visiting a driving school and passing a driving test, this permit may be acquired. In addition, the candidate must pass a physical examination.

License for coach-based international transportation

A certificate for the international transportation of passengers by bus and coach is what allows the bearer to participate in activities at international gatherings. A carrier license authorizes overseas visitor transportation services as well as unique frequent and infrequent facilities. The candidate must all requirements set out by the nation and provide all relevant paperwork to get such a license. The candidate must also pass a few tests, including a driving test, to get the license card.

License for commercial truck transportation of commodities

The agency responsible for providing permits for commercial trucks is the Road Transport Authority. Transporting products is only feasible if the transportation activities manager has a right to technical practice in the relevant transport industry. Special permission allows a carrier to only use the road transport vehicles they own or follow the guidelines established by the Cabinet for transporting products.

International coach carriage license

The licensee is allowed to provide global services to people through the coach thanks to the European Union Authentication for the Foreign Carriage of Persons by Coach and Coach. The motorist must provide personal information, a driving school diploma, and documentation of good health to the authorities. The authorities must also be given the payment information.

European Conference of Ministers for Transport approval

The primary duties of the ECMT, a worldwide organization, are easing international road travel and creating transportation infrastructure in European nations. Each Member Country is given a certain number of road transport licenses, and the ECMT sets technical requirements for the vehicles that operate under these licenses.

Certifications of safety for railroad managers

For individuals who conduct the necessary technical activities on behalf of the operator or railroad system administrator, a safety license is required 

Additional permits for storage and transportation

Other permits include:

  • a driver’s affidavit to commercially haul goods on roads inside the European Union
  • a certificate for internal or international passenger transit
  • certification for international or local cargo transportation
  • synchronization of legal technical specifications for ongoing car repairs
  • certification of vehicles for the transportation of big and bulk loads of split wood
  • Permit for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR)
  • instruction for drivers. a diploma from a driving school
  • issuing a certificate of authorization for vehicles and their numbered units
  • certification of conformity from a reputable safety agency
  • a permit to conduct aviation operations
  • a license for carrying out certain aviation-related tasks
  • authorization of the carrier and confirmation of the conformity of the method of transportation
  • a permit for the movement of freight by rail
  • A certificate has been given for the delivery of air navigation services
  • a certification attesting to the approval of the continuous airworthiness management organization
  • Permission for unique aircraft work
  • Permit to fly hazardous materials, airport certificate, and aircraft operator’s license
  • a high-performance aircraft operator’s license for special aviation
  • allowing initial flight attendant training and cabin crew certification on civil aviation aircraft
  • Certificate of authorization from the Maintenance Training and Examination Organization
  • Credential of Training Mentor for Crew Members of Civil Aviation Aircraft