The scientific and technical activities sector is made up of organizations that focus on doing specialized, academic, and technology work for other people. These jobs need a high degree of expertise and understanding. The license in these fields allows for the provision of personal financial reporting, recordkeeping, and payment processing services, as well as structural, construction, and specialized creative agencies, software services, advisory programs, research projects, advertisements, pictorial facilities, transcription and analysis assistance, animal health, and other experts, systematic, and technical services.

A pilot project’s approval to utilize an animal in the method

To perform research on live animals, a license from the FVO is required. Based on the recommendations of the FVO’s pilot scheme assessment committee, the FVS clearance will be given. This accreditation has been approved by food and veterinary institutions.


The organization in charge of the program or the person using the experimental animals must submit a request to the Agency that contains the following details to get a test program license:

  • information on the individual who utilizes animals in experiments
  • the experiment’s location
  • specifics about the project’s project manager
  • number of licenses granted in an individual’s name
  • names of the individuals executing the jobs
  • the start and completion dates of the project
  • extensive information on predicted scientific findings and an explanation of why using animals is necessary
  • methods for making use of or replacing the project
  • any technique to lessen and avoid animal pain
  • a list of the animal’s modifications along with descriptions of each change

License for an investigatory task

A person from a member country of the European Union may obtain a license to carry out an investigatory task if they have postsecondary education in the legal sciences or at least five years of relevant work experience as a federal investigator. This includes the jury, attorney’s office, officers, inquiry officials, and National police officials.


The following paperwork has to be sent to the relevant authorities:

  • Completed application form
  • a single passport-size photo
  • a photocopy of the academic diploma attesting to the higher education in legal studies
  • An evaluation of one’s condition by a neurologist and a psychiatrist
  • proof of having paid the registration cost

Special permit for investigative activity on technology services

A legal or natural entity that receives solutions from individual traders, partners, or finance businesses licensed following the procedures outlined in the Law on Technology Services to protect their rights and entitlements is deemed to have engaged in an investigative activity. The Detec Law does not apply to a single trader, partner, or capital business whose administrator resides in the European Union and who is entitled to apply for permission to do detective work.


The applicant must fill out and submit a license application to the Latvian State Police together with the required paperwork, which includes: a passport and passport-size picture; a psychiatrist’s and neurologist’s evaluation of the applicant’s health; and receipt of the state fee.

A special permit (license) to carry out security guard duties

The people most likely to be given a permit for protective actions are those who have not been punished for a felony offense, who has not assumed the role of the suspect in court prosecutions, and who have not been identified as having psychiatric conditions, alcohol, drug, psychoactive, or neurotoxic use, or problematic behaviors. For particular authorization to operate security guard activities, a merchant must submit a request to the State Police Certification Authority. Four areas of security services are offered: setting up information security facilities, giving physical security support, offering technical security solutions, and deploying technological safety guard equipment.


  • an application for a request
  • the state fee being received
  • a declaration from a psychiatrist attesting that the person has no psychiatric problems
  • a duplicate of a diploma or degree.

Licenses for businesses engaged in science and technology in Latvia

According to the organizations that issue them, the following are the licenses necessary for doing business in Latvia’s scientific and technological fields:

State Agency of medicines

The following licenses are issued by the State Agency of Medicines:

  • authorization to use regulated plants, chemicals, and medications in human and veterinary research in Latvia
  • obtaining permission to start a clinical study
  • Permit for the Republic of Latvia to import samples of pharmaceutical goods

State Police of the Republic of Latvia

The following licenses are issued by the State Police of the Republic of Latvia:

  • Specialized permit (license) to carry out security guard duties
  • Specialized permit (license) to do investigative work
  • Certificate for doing investigative work

Food and veterinary service

The following licenses are issued by the Food and Veterinary Service:

  • authorization for the pilot project’s manager
  • approval of a pilot study that will include using an animal for the technique