Medical facilities, healthcare providers, and support personnel must register following the national regulatory legislation to provide healthcare services. Additionally, medical facilities must adhere to the stated standards. Medical facilities that have a contract with the state for the provision of such services provide state-funded healthcare services.

Healthcare providers and support personnel

Healthcare professionals are those who have completed medical school and provide medical treatment. Medical support personnel is those who are actively engaged in the delivery of healthcare but are not licensed to perform medical services. The required qualifications must be shown by a diploma issued by the relevant educational institution by any healthcare professional or support worker participating in the delivery of medical services. Additionally, they need to be included in the Registry of Medical Support Personnel and Healthcare Professionals. Within the competence parameters defined by the Cabinet of Ministers, individuals registered in the Registry of Healthcare Professionals and Medical Support Staff are permitted to autonomously perform medical services in their respective professions.

Medical institutions 

Doctors’ offices, federal, state, and municipal government agencies, as well as companies that are recognized in the Registry of Medical Institutions, are all considered medical institutions. They offer medical services while adhering to the necessary standards set out in the regulatory statutes for medical institutions and their structural components. A medical institution must be registered in the Registry of Medical Institutions and adhere to the legal standards set out in regulatory acts to be permitted to provide medical services.

Recognizing professional qualification

The Latvian Medical Association (LMA) offers certificates attesting to a person’s good standing and the current professional position. This contains pertinent details on general education, specialization, registration, and good standing. When a receiving nation (whether it be in the EU, EEA, or outside of them) just needs information about a doctor’s or dentist’s reputation, the LMA also produces Certificates of Good Standing.

Documents needed to provide a certificate of good standing and current professional status

The following paperwork has to be submitted:

  • a completed application form
  • a copy of one’s passport or identification card
  • a copy of a doctor’s or dentist’s certificate
  • a copy of documentation attesting to one’s completion of postgraduate studies
  • a copy of a specialist’s, dentist’s, or dental specialist’s certificate
  • a copy of the certification of the administrative and criminal records

Latvian social services business

Social enterprises are limited liability corporations having social enterprise status as of 1 April 2018 if they meet specific requirements. They ought to be businesses that engage in economic activity that benefits society. Positive effects include the provision of social services, the creation of an inclusive civil society, the support of research, the promotion of education, the preservation and protection of the environment, the protection of animals, and the maintenance of cultural variety. Organizations must submit documentation to the Ministry of Welfare, a government agency tasked with fostering and promoting social entrepreneurship in Latvia, to get the social business designation. The Ministry of Welfare’s website hosts and makes available the Register of Social Enterprises. Since the social enterprise is still a relatively new concept, social entrepreneurship activities are still carried out using various legal forms, such as the association or foundation form or the standard company form. These may be used to establish or test company concepts but are not legally recognized forms for social entrepreneurship activities in Latvia.

Licenses for Health and Social Services business in Latvia

The list of licenses needed to operate a health and social services company in Latvia is shown below:

Social service providers’ registration

The Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Welfare is responsible for issuing this license.

Registration of suppliers of deratisation, insecticide, and disinfectant services

The Health Inspectorate grants this license.

Registration of healthcare treatment institution

The Health Inspectorate grants this license.

A special authorization (license) for pharmacological activities involving animals

This relates to running a veterinary pharmacy, running a distributor of veterinary medicines, and producing or importing veterinary medicines. The Food and Veterinary Service is responsible for issuing this permission.

Opinion on whether the site is ready to launch or continue

For child camps, schools, and companies offering child supervision services, this is a requirement. The Health Inspectorate grants this license.