A third of Latvia’s agricultural lands are used for agricultural processing, while a tenth is used for grazing cattle. A significant commodity in the agriculture business is wheat. Other significant crops include grain, rye, flax, and rice. Vegetables including carrots, potatoes, and onions are the main crops farmed for export. Despite its small size, Latvia was a significant exporter of agricultural goods throughout the Soviet period. After independence, it was predicted that privatizing agribusiness would lead to greater manufacturing concentrations and more favorable terms of trade in agricultural products; however, in the early 1990s, agribusiness benefited only a small portion of GDP due to financial difficulties and rising installation costs. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, agriculture had been privatized.

Latvia’s fishing industry

A minor portion of Latvia’s GDP is contributed by the fishing industry, and exporting fish products has lost some of its significance. Compared to commercial fisheries, sportfishing has increased Latvia’s annual interior catch the most. The majority of Latvian fish, especially codfish and herring, is consumed in the United States as an additional source of protein. The most common freshwater fish found in bodies of water include pike, shrimp, bream, perch, lamprey, and eels. Trout and salmon that have been artificially reared are released into waterways after being nurtured in greenhouses. Ponds have been successfully utilized to produce crabs and carp.

Latvia’s forest industry

The most significant component of Latvia’s environment is its forest ecosystem. The most typical tree species are birch, fir, and pine. The biggest consumers include households, businesses that produce heat, industry, and other users.

Obtaining a license for Latvian forestry, agriculture, and fishing

Starting an agricultural or forestry company is quite easy in Latvia. You must gather and provide all required paperwork, together with the license request form, to the authorities. You must create a bank account in the nation and provide documentation proving you have enough money, according to officials. After that, it won’t take you long to launch your own company in Latvia. Here’s how to get a license for forestry, fishing, or agriculture. licenses for beginning trade in the above-specified categories in Latvia are issued by the Approvals and Producers Assistance Unit of the Ministry of the Trade Area Organization of the RSS, but exclusively for use inside the borders of the Republic of Latvia. You must provide the necessary paperwork to the authorities, including your identity, passport, business plans, bank records, criminal background, and request form, to get authorization. You’ll also need to pay the necessary licensing cost.

Licenses for fishing businesses in Latvia

In Latvia, the following licenses are needed to operate a fishing business:

  • Log for fishing in the EU 
  • Log for commercial fisheries in bodies of water
  • qualifications for fishing
  • a particular permit (license) for sportfishing in international and other seas beyond the Baltic Sea
  • marketing permit for fish purchasers
  • monitoring and reporting fishing activities using computers
  • Coastal fishing licenses
  • a permit for commercial fishing in interior waters
  •  aid with marine fishing
  • inventory for oceanic fishing regions.

Agriculture license in Latvia

In Latvia, the following licenses are needed to operate an agriculture business:

  • Farm commodities import and export permits
  • Approval for the Use of Water Resources
  • Obtaining authorization to engage in Category A, B, and C polluting activities 
  • Licensing for acquisition techniques (patent)

Forestry license in Latvia

In Latvia, the following licenses are needed to operate a forestry business:

  • Registering a plant safety product with various distribution trade names
  • Plant protection product registration and temporary plant protection product registration
  • Agreement for the licensing of fruit plant propagation resources, processing, and propagation
  • Approval for a plant protection product to be sold in a different market

Requirements for obtaining fishing, agriculture, and forestry license 

You must submit the following paperwork, together with an application form and payment, to the relevant authorities to receive these licenses:

  • Proof of identity 
  • a passport-sized photograph 
  • a statement of why the license is needed 
  • certification of education in the desired area 
  • documentation of a clear criminal record
  • financial capacity
  • a declaration by tax officials certifying that there is no outstanding tax debt
  • a doctoral document signed by a psychiatrist and a physician