This little industry includes key administrative, debt management, contact lines, tour operators, building maintenance, pest eradication, and garden amenities. State, territorial, and local governments are in charge of issuing licenses and permissions for the administration and supporting facilities business.

Authorization to provide job placement services

This applies to permits that call for labor or other activities related to recruiting all job seekers or placing a prospective employee.


A request application, the customer contract, and the master contract are necessary. A master contract on cooperation in the provision of work-placing services must exist between the applicant and firm if the job placement solutions are tied to direct customer work assignments with an employer. A copy of a certificate from a recognized foreign organization attesting to the international partner’s authorization to carry out work placement operations in the relevant foreign country where the applicant intends to take part in job placement services abroad is required for international jobs. If a copy of the international laws and regulations is not required for contracts with overseas partners, no particular procedures or obtaining permission to engage in job placement operations are required. Proof of state fee payment is also required.

Special permission (license) for merchants that provide employment placement services for manning ships

This license entitles the trader to offer to hire and place facilities in managing the crew of ships in the Republic of Latvia. This also includes advice on hiring and selection issues, notification of open positions, recruiting or placing, and engaging in other activities that promote employment in the maritime sector.


If a merchant wants a special license, they must submit a request to the Registrar of Seamen. Required are the following documents:

  • a trader’s pledge to a ship captain or agency on recruiting and posting
  • the sample employment agreement between employer and employee
  • evidence that the retailer has enough office space to provide items for recruiting and placement
  • proof that at least one employee is a ship officer with at least a year of command experience
  • a picture showing the signatures of a trader or employee on a paper
  • a declaration from a legal representative attesting to the merchant’s absence of any criminal history
  • proof in writing of the shipowner’s financial viability
  • the employee’s evidence of linguistic proficiency in the official tongue

Registration in the database of tour operators and agents as well as a special license for the delivery of tourism services

To advance consumer interests and security measures in the field of complex and interconnected tourist goods, as well as to oversee licensees delivering solutions in this area, the CRPC accredits travel support businesses including travel agents and travel administrators. The CRPC will grant, modify, or cancel a special license for travel-related businesses, tourism managers, and travel agencies. It will be possible to use the license for an endless period.


To register a travel service firm in the Registry and get a license as a travel advisor or tourist agency, a person must submit a request along with the necessary supporting papers.

  • trip operator’s signed contract or partnership statement
  • proof of a clear criminal record from the organization in the applicant’s state of nationality
  • proof of payment of the state fee. 

Requests and payments for services under a state of emergency are made online.

Licenses for administrative and support service activities business in Latvia

The following licenses are necessary for doing business in Latvia concerning administrative and support services:

A license to provide labor placement services

The State Employment Agency of Latvia issues this license.

Special permission (licensing) for merchants that provide employment placement services for ship personnel 

The Register of Mariners of the Latvian Maritime Administration is responsible for issuing this license.

Document of compliance for ship management as defined by the ISM Code

This license is granted by the Latvian Maritime Administration’s Maritime Safety Inspectorate or a recognized classification organization.

Registration in the database of tour operators and agents as well as special permission (licensed) for the provision of tourism services

Consumer Rights Protection Center grants this license.