For entrepreneurs interested in small-scale startup ideas, there are numerous small-scale manufacturing opportunities. Here are a few possible small manufacturing business concepts to consider.

Making of toys

Toys can be constructed from a wide range of materials and are often rather small. They might therefore be excellent items for small manufacturing companies to concentrate on.

Maker of smartphone accessories

In the same way, common smartphone accessories like covers and chargers are constructed of certain simple materials.

Maker of plastic containers

You may make bottles and other containers to sell to consumers or even other businesses with some simple processing and shaping equipment.

Fabric producer

Another option is to concentrate on creating raw textiles such as fabric or other items that may be sold to consumers or companies to be used in the production of more complete goods.


If you’re a talented woodworker, you may potentially make a variety of items from the material, including tables and little trinkets. Once more, developing a straightforward method to duplicate these products should enable increased production and cost savings.

Candy maker 

You might even create your sweet products and package them for sale if you’re interested in producing less healthful food items.

Bread maker 

Bakers, you can launch your own company making bread and sell your products to consumers or other restaurants.

Olive oil manufacturing

Another culinary item that may be made and sold with a minimal amount of equipment and ingredients is olive oil.

Maker of canned goods

Or you may concentrate on producing jams and jellies to sell to consumers in cans.


You can construct shoes out of several materials if you wish to produce wearable goods for retail sale. You can certainly develop an assembly line procedure to increase production if you concentrate on a few shoe models.

Making belts

For that, you can create basic belts to sell to customers or in bulk to clothes merchants.

Manufacturer of leather

Alternatively, you may refine raw leather to sell to manufacturers of completed goods like shoes and belts.

Wig maker

Additionally, you might create wigs and hairpieces to market to clients or hair salons.

Manufacturer of hair products

You might also produce other hair products like shampoo or hair spray and package them for retail sale.

Cosmetic production

Another product that you might be able to create using a variety of materials is makeup.

Fertilizer manufacturing

Additionally, you can produce your gardening and landscaping supplies like compost and fertilizer to sell to other farmers or households.

Manufacturer of chalk

Alternatively, you might create goods out of chalk using just a few simple supplies and tools.

Direct-to-consumer electronics manufacturer

It might appear that making computers and other electronic products is a task best left to big businesses. But if the history of Dell Computers’ founding is any guide, it’s possible to create your niche tech products and market them directly to customers.

Producer of electrical fittings

Electrical fittings for lightbulbs and other electronic items are another thing you can make.


If you have the tools required to create locks and keys, you can open a locksmith service or create extra keys for nearby residents and businesses.

Maker of musical instruments

You could start a small manufacturing business to make different musical instruments if you’re trying to produce a more specialized good.


Alternatively, you may focus on creating mechanical timepieces in a range of designs and sizes.

Manufacturer of glasses

You could also produce eyeglasses for retail sale, including frames and/or lenses.

Air freshener manufacturing

Also available in a wide variety of shapes and flavors are air fresheners. As a result, you may create your own using some simple tools and materials.

Sporting goods manufacturer

Making other forms of sports equipment, from balls to protective gear, is another area in which you might specialize.