The meeting of groups shall have the right to decide on the renewal of operation before the deadline for suspension has expired. However, after the expiry of the term, without taking a separate decision, If the company itself has not brought back the duties before the period of suspense of exertion. According to marketable law, shareholders have the right to share and vote at the group’s event or to vote select before the meeting. 

Below are documents to be submitted for renewal 

  • Operation form. 
  • Minutes of the shareholders. 
  • A receipt or a printout of an online bank payment or information regarding the payment of the state fee. 
  • Submitting the documents. 

Operation form-completion of the operation form must be written by the operation board. If necessary the boxes of the form may copy. 

Minutes of the shareholders-The decision of the meeting of members shall be entered in the minutes which were written by the meeting leader, the recording officer, and one chosen member of the meeting, the evidence of the correctness of the minutes. However, rather than minutes, prepare and subscribe to the decision of the member, If there’s only one member in the company. This decision is only entitled to a member of the company.

The documents must contain; 

  • The official name of the company. 
  • The number of the minutes written of the meeting. 
  • The position and date of the meeting. 
  • Size of the share capital subscribed by the company. 
  • Given the name and surname of the members present, the number of shares, and the size of the share capital with voting rights. 
  • Given name and surname of the meeting leader, recording officer, and party certifying the correctness of protocol. 
  •  Docket of the meeting. 
  • The institution convening the meeting and the time when the notice has been transferred for convening the meeting. 
  •  Decision taken. 
  • Votes are cast for each decision and the paid part isn’t to be indicated in the party decision. 

A decision shall be taken if lower than two-thirds of the votes represented at the meeting have been cast in respect of it if the bills don’t specify an advanced number of votes. 

A receipt or a printout of online bank payment. The State fee must be paid before the operation for enrollment is submitted. Registration shall be made only after the Enterprise Register can make sure that the State fee is credited to the accounting clerk. The state fee, which is also supposed to be in full amount, may be affected by employing a transfer to any bank 2 days before the submission of documents electronically or by post. The state fee must be paid before the operation is delivered. Registration shall be made only after the enterprise register can make sure that the state figure is indicated in the storeroom account. The amount may be effective after two days of submission of documents electronically or by post. 

Submission of documents

This being the final stage, the operation, and the documents to be attached thereto shall be submitted by the operation board or the person authorized by:

E-service- Documents must be written by an ane-signature on a smart card. 

Documents must be submitted to Reply entered by portal or dispatch. 

Submitting the documents online

Through electronically signed mail In this only documents written with a secure electronic signature are issued abroad and no extra signature verification is needed. 

Submitting the documents by post

By post, the Document must be accompanied by a payment order for payment of the public fee, and also written documents may be transferred to the enterprise register.