Changes to the liquidators could also be made after the opening of the liquidation process and before it’s completed. The meeting of participants may cancel the previous liquidator and appoint another person instead. The liquidator can also resign himself.

Consistent with the mercantile law, members/shareholders have the right to participate and vote at the meeting remotely or to vote before the meeting. 

Documents to be submitted

  • Application form KR18.
  • The agreement of the new liquidator to require office (not to be submitted if the prevailing member of the board becomes the liquidator). 
  • A receipt or a replica thereof, or a printout of online bank payment, or information regarding the payment of the State fee.

The deadline for the submission of documents within the Enterprise Register: is 3 days from the adoption of the choice.

If the liquidation process has been initiated on the initiative of the State Revenue Service or the Enterprise Register, the meeting of the participants shall not have the proper to form changes to the composition of the liquidators.

Shareholder decision

Minutes of the meeting of the members or decision choosing changes within the membership of the liquidators. The choice of the meeting members shall be entered within the minutes signed by the meeting leader, the recording officer, and a minimum of one elected member of the meeting. The confirmation of the correctness of the minutes or involvement within the sort of a separate document signed by the meeting leader and a minimum of one member elected as a confirmation of the correctness of the choice.

If there’s just one member within the company, it shall, rather than the minutes, prepare and sign the choice of the member.

The document must contain:

  • The name of the corporate (firm).
  • The number of minutes of the meeting of participants or the choice of the participant.
  • The location and date of the meeting.
  • The size of the share capital subscribed by the corporate, the paid-up fixed capital, and therefore the voting capital (not to be indicated within the participant’s decision).
  • The first name and surname of the members present, the number of shares, and therefore the size of the share capital with voting rights.
  • The first name, the surname of the meeting leader, recording officer, and participant – certifying the correctness of the protocol (not to be indicated within the participant’s decision).
  • The institution convening the meeting and therefore the time when the notice has been sent for convening the meeting (shall not be indicated within the decision of the participant).
  • Agenda of the meeting (not to be laid out in the participant’s decision).
  • ‘For’ and ‘against’ votes are cast for every decision (paid part) (not to be indicated within the participant’s decision).

The original or derivative of a protocol or decision, the correctness of which is certified by an equivalent person/- a who signed the first, shall be submitted to the register of undertakings.

If the liquidator resigned himself, the appliance shall be signed by him or his new liquidator, if appointed.

Certifying the signatures

When submitting documents in paper format, it shall be necessary to certify the signatures on the minutes of the meeting of the participants or the agreement of the choice and therefore the liquidator, if a replacement liquidator has been appointed. If the appliance for resignation is signed by the liquidator himself, his or her signature on the appliance shall not be notarized.

Signatures could also be certified as follows:

  • a sworn notary if there’s no notary within the county, county city, or county parish;
  • Where a document is to be signed by quite one person, it’s going to be provided electronically as long as all the signatories have an electronic signature.

The State fee must be paid before the appliance for registration is submitted. Registration shall be made only after the Enterprise Register can confirm that the State fee is credited to the Treasury account.

The State fee could also be affected by means of a transfer to any bank 2 days before the submission of documents electronically or by post.

The application and therefore the documents to be attached thereto could also be submitted by the liquidator or by a licensed person of the liquidator.