According to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing branches and representative services of foreign companies registered in the Latvian Commercial Register, must submit information on their salutary owners by 01.01.2021. The same demand applies to the foreign companies registered as taxpayers with the State Revenue Service of Latvia due to carrying out business in Latvia. 

In case of any changes in the name, legal address, enrollment number, or the top conditioning of the foreign company or the organization, the representative submits an operation to the Enterprise Register for the enrollment of changes within one month following similar changes. 

 Documents for submission 

  • Operation form PR-2. 
  • The document attesting the changes in the information on the foreign company or the organization (an excerpt from the register, or evidence of other authority performing the enrollment of companies or organizations). 
  • A receipt or its duplicate, or a printout of the payment order from an online bank, or the information on the payment of the state fee. 

According to the AML Law, an ultimate salutary proprietor is a natural person, who owns further than 25 percent of the shares or voting rights in a company directly or laterally or who controls the company directly or laterally. Since any branch or a representative office is considered as a part of the “Original” company, the salutary proprietor in a branch/ representative office as a rule is the same person who’s a salutary proprietor in the “ Original” company. 

In order to fulfill the conditions of the Law the branch or a representative office should submit 

announcement on the salutary proprietor:

  • Documents supporting the chain of control up until the salutary proprietor (excerpts from the registers of foreign countries, shareholders registers, etc.).
  • Written duplicate of the salutary proprietor’s passport or another document that certifies the delicacy of the person’s identification information. 
  • Those, who’ll fail to adhere to the provisions of the AML Law, will be barred from the Latvian Commercial Register or from the Latvian Taxpayers Register. 

The operation form PR-2 for the enrollment of changes is written by the representative of the representative office. The operation form PR-2 must contain the information to be amended. The state fee is outstanding before the submission of the operation for enrollment. Registration is completed only after the Enterprise Register is suitable to corroborate that the state fee is transferred into The Treasury account. 

You can pay the fee for the submission of the operation for enrollment in person by a credit or disbenefit card at the Enterprise 

Submitting the documents

The operation and the documents to be attached thereto may be submitted by the representative of the charge or by any other person entrusted by the representative of the charge to do so. 

Using the e-mail address, the enrollment operation can be submitted only in the following separate cases:

  • Still, the operation must be submitted to a mail address if an e-service has not yet been set up for the electronic submission of a particular type of operation. It indicates which types of operations should be submitted to the e-service and which to the e-mail address or e-mail of the institution. However, also it must be submitted to the e-service, and the e-mail address or e-mail won’t be accepted If the list indicates that the specific operation is to be submitted to the e-service. 
  • Still, also the enrollment operation must be submitted to an e-mail address or e-mail If the operation and the documents attached to it are written with a secure signature issued abroad (anyhow of the type of operation). 
  • Corrected documents only need to be resubmitted to the same channel where the service was first submitted. So, if you’re submitting to the e-service for the first time, also corrections, extra documents, etc. must be submitted to thee-service, but if you submitted it for the first time to an e-mail address or e-mail, also corrections and additions must also be submitted to the e-mail address or e-mail. 

Each document must be written independently with a secure electronic signature containing a timestamp. However, it may be handed electronically only if all signatories have an electronic signature, If the document has to be written by several persons.