The registered office may be changed to another address in the territory of Latvia or another address in the territory of the European Union. Where the address is situated in the territory of another member of the state, the documents shall be provided in the member state concerned. When changing a registered office the contract of incorporation shall be amended accordingly. The falling documents are to be submitted during the process.

  • The application form.
  • A copy of a receipt of online bank payment. 

The deadline for the submission of documents to the enterprise register must be submitted within 14 days.  The documented office of the company shall be the address feed in the official commercial register which the company utilizes for formal communication. The management board of the company must ensure the correspondent is received at the registered office of the company.

Changing the address

There are several things to consider when changing the address:

  • The registered office must look like with the address entered in the state Address Register.
  • The address may only be registered in a building or group of apartments; it cannot be registered in a property consisting solely of the land.
  • The application must certify that the company is attainable and has a legal basis to be at the designated address.
  • If the immovable property consists of several groups of apartments, it’s good to highlight the exact number of the group of rooms in which the registered office application must indicate it has a legitimate basis to be at the selected legal address.
  • If the documented office is in a building that has not been subgrouped into rooms whereby the figure has not been assigned, the application shall denote the crucial place of the building.
  • If the documented office is found in the room in the building to which the amount has been handed over, the application shall indicate the specific designation of the particular room.
  • If the documented office is in a building in which part of the room is numbered and part is not numbered and the registered office is in a non-residential room for which no number has been assigned, the application shall indicate the specific designation of the relevant room.

The final process

The application form shall be signed by the management board, where the application is signed by the authorized person. The mandate shall include, in particular, the authorization to make the relevant changes. The fee must be paid before the application for registration is submitted. Registration shall be made only after the enterprise can make sure the state fee is credited to the treasury account. The state fee may be affected using a transfer to any bank within two days of the submission of documents electronically or by post. The application and the accompanying documents shall be submitted by the management board or by a person authorized by the management. When submitting documents with an e-signature accompanied by a secure time stamp, no notarial certification of signatures shall be required.

Service online-Documents must be signed with a service signature on a smart card or eparaksts card or with eparaksts, documents must be submitted online to, a reply in e-service or e-address and full details listed in the application must be submitted via e-service and exceptions.

Electronically signed in e-address or email- Submit documents signed with a secure electronic signature issued abroad, the detailed list of applications to be submitted by e-service, and the last e-address being the safest communication channel between the individual and the country.

By using post the signed document is supposed to be sent to the enterprise register and also documents must be accompanied by a payment order for the payment of a national fee.