In the contract act of objectification, the changes must be applied for entry in the marketable register If a foreign merchant added the information in documents submitted in the enterprise register similar to merchant papers of association. Below are the demanded documents that are required for the change of documents.

  • Operation form. 
  • A receipt or duplicate or a printout of online bank payment. 
  • A notarially certified duplicate of the amendments or the new interpretation of the document. However, it must be accompanied by a restatement in Latvian, If the applicable document is in a foreign language. The deadline for submitting the documents to the enterprise register is fourteen days after the documents were changed. 

Register of enterprises

There’s a register of enterprises of the Republic of Latvia that represents an administration institution that registers companies, their accessories, representatives’ office, and merchandisers within the home of Latvia. It also registers mass media undertakings, foundations, marketable pledges, private agreements, property agreements, political parties, trade unions, religious associations, and religious institutions. You have to pay to consult the business register because there is no free online business register in Latvia.

Introductory information that can be obtained free of charge on legal realities entered in the registers of the register of enterprises

  • Registered office. 
  • Type of legal reality. 
  • Registration number. 
  • New or current name and preliminarily registered or literal name. 
  • Date of omission of legal reality from the register. 
  • Authorized representatives. 
  • The deadline for enrollment of religious associations is subject to there-reorganization. 
  • Area of functions of foundations, trade unions, and occasions. 
  • Single Euro Payment Area device identification law. 
  • A document attesting the rights of a certain person to represent the foreign merchant in conditioning associated with the Latvian branch office. 
  • A document of the rights of the person representing the company in conditioning associated with the Latvian branch. 
  • Notary verified duplicate of the papers of association or equal document. 
  • Verified duplicate attesting the enrollment of foreign merchant information about the person 
  • Authorized to represent a foreign merchant in conditioning related to the branch office ( name, surname, place of hearthstone, date of birth, passport details). 

All the publications of documents are published on the formal review, this also applies to all entries in the business register that are published electronically in the same review. 

There are different procedures for enrolment:

  • Carrying the correct information. 
  • Must prepare the documents for enrollment. 
  • The signing of documents. 
  • Payments for freights. 
  • Documenting with public laws of the Register of Latvia. 
  • Entering the reviewed document. 

Entries in the business register can be trusted entirely against the third party only after their publication in the formal review unless the applicable information was known to the third party before publication. If a third party shows they weren’t apprehensive that information can be trusted upon in respect of legal action taken within 15 days of publication. If the information entered in the business register is recorded the third party in good faith may calculate on the business register a third party may not calculate on information that has been published inaptly if the third party was apprehensive of some miscalculations. The operation form shall be written by the merchant or his representatives or by a formal person. The boxes of the form may be copied if necessary. 

The State fee must be paid before the operation for enrollment is submitted. Registration shall be made only after the Enterprise Register can ensure that the State fee is indicated to the Treasury account. The State fee may be affected by means of a transfer to any bank 2 days after the submission of documents electronically or by post.