Recent budget cutbacks and restructuring of Latvia’s healthcare system are intended to improve efficiency and pave the way for the introduction of more private healthcare choices. The mix of highly skilled workers, affordable prices, and top-notch facilities is what gives the industry its promise. With Latvia’s reputation as a spa destination, its accessible location, and the provision of high-quality healthcare at an affordable price, medical tourism is an expanding industry.

Support from the government for a productive and creative healthcare industry

Significant efforts have been made to increase the effectiveness of the healthcare industry since Latvia regained its independence. Between 2003 and 2018, the number of hospitals fell from 131 to 62, and a few specialized institutions have been given responsibility for certain tasks.

Work in the healthcare sector in Latvia

With a total of 70 080 employees in the healthcare industry in 2019, it remains one of the most important economic sectors in Latvia. In 2019, the healthcare industry represents 4.0% of the GDP. The national health budget is among the lowest in the EU – 3.41% of GDP in 2017. Latvians are used to paying for their healthcare, with 42% of treatments being covered by private insurance. This may make the implementation of private healthcare services easier. Increasing the State’s insurance coverage and promoting private insurance plans are two current efforts of the Latvian government.

The healthcare system in Latvia

Medical tourism is one potential aspect of the export of healthcare services. This industry has a lot of potentials given the attractive pay, excellent medical care, good transportation to major cities in Western Europe, Russia, and the CIS, and Latvia’s already stellar image in Russia as a spa destination. The Latvian government also assists the industry by promoting new solutions like e-health and implementing measures to boost efficiency. Investment in nursing homes and social care facilities is envisioned as a solution to the growing problem of the aging population.

Principal sectors

Medical rehabilitation, aesthetic dermatology, phlebology, stomatology, cancer, diagnostics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and childbirth are the key subsectors of Latvia’s healthcare sector.

Statistics on the healthcare sector in Latvia

One of the top European nations for treating infertility is Latvia. One of the better outcomes in Europe for patients under 30 years old is that fertilization is successful in over 70% of instances, enabling an increasing number of couples to realize their parental aspirations. Latvia offers cutting-edge medical technology and continually updates its medical instruments and equipment. One of the top six nations for phlebology is Latvia. The outstanding medical education options in Latvia are one of the key success drivers. With the highest percentage of graduates in the field of health in the Baltic States, Latvia is in first place.

Leaders in the healthcare sector in Latvia

Leaders in the sector include

Capital Clinic of Riga

Capital Clinic of Riga, the best medical facility in Riga, provides a comprehensive variety of medical services, including the most cutting-edge physical tests and treatments delivered by elite medical professionals and experts in their disciplines.

EGV Clinic

The EGV Clinic is a leader in the disciplines of reproductive health and fertilization, providing a superb team of specialists who can handle even the most complex situations and share their knowledge and experiences to help avoid reproductive health issues.

Vein Clinic

One of the most cutting-edge laser surgery and vein therapy facilities in Europe is Dr. Mauri’s Vein Clinic. Numerous individuals obtain the greatest care for their varicose veins, tropical ulcers, and other vein issues using modern, secure, and certified techniques.


Genera is a recognized diagnostic laboratory that has approximately 20 years of experience in molecular genetics testing and only uses the most recent technology to conduct a variety of genetic studies.

IVF Riga 

IVF Riga is the top infertility expert, intending to treat severe infertility disorders to provide women with a chance at conception even after trying unsuccessfully to conceive before.

Medical Center ARS

One of Latvia’s biggest and most prestigious medical facilities, Medical Center ARS brings together top medical experts and employs cutting-edge technology, innovations, and new scientific discoveries across all of its divisions.

RSU Nuclear Medicine Clinic 

The RSU Nuclear Medicine Clinic is a recently constructed nuclear medicine facility containing the only new-generation PET/CT scanner in Latvia as well as modern medical equipment, labs, and a cyclotron.

Anatomy Next

To guide the learning process via interaction and manipulation of the anatomical models across many platforms, Anatomy Next offers anatomy learning resources for instructors and students.

Cast Print

For different kinds of fracture injuries, Cast Print is a personalized, 3D-printed cast. Cast print items offer a pleasant recuperation time since they are lightweight, breathable, and waterproof.