As a charitable organization started by a person or group of persons seeking to achieve a common aim, foundations are usually registered in the Register of associations and foundations. Foundations have to apply for registration in the Register when they make changes to certain information such as the principal activity. Applicants should only change a principal activity from the class of activities permissible for associations and foundations. The revised activity must conform to activities listed in the class else, the amendment may not be registered. To register the change is simple, all an applicant needs to do is obtain the application form, fill it out, and submit it along with the requested documents. Most importantly, the state fee should be paid, and all documents duly signed before the submission. The form must contain the details of the change and the new information to be entered in the register. The state fee for registration is EUR 5,69 and without paying it, an application will not be processed.

If you are exploring your options on changing the principal activity of your foundation, or you are interested in knowing more about changing a principal activity, here is a guide that provides information on changing the principal activity of a foundation and the steps to doing it.  

Steps to change the principal activity of foundations

If a management board of an organization wishes to revise its principal activity, it must register the change with the Enterprise Register. There are three easy steps to doing this, they include filling out the application form, paying the state fee, and finally submitting the form and other necessary documents. 

Filling out the application form

The application form B3 issued for changes made to an organization should be obtained from the Register and filled. Then, the founding members, based on the representation rights of the members, should duly sign the form. The form has to contain precise information regarding the kind of change, as various changes are permissible by the Enterprise Register. Additionally, it must indicate the revised change to be entered into the Register. 

Paying the state fee

The fee is paid to the Treasury account of the state two days before the submission of the application of change. The fee should be paid to the account at any bank in person or via any online means such as wire transfer for international payment. The application can only be processed when the Register has verified this payment. The amount for this application is 5,69 EUR, payable to the state’s Treasury account with these details:

Valsts kase

Reģ. Nr. 90000050138

Valsts Kase, Konts: LV84TREL1060190913200

When an applicant submits his application via the e-service option provided on the website, he is eligible for a 10 percent discount on the fee. 

Submitting the form and necessary documents

After filling out form B3, it is mandatory to submit some necessary documents with the form. A foundation can choose to submit electronically or by post. If they are submitted by an entrusted person, attached to the submission must be a certified mandate such as a power of attorney. When submitting by post, an order for the payment of the national fee should be attached. The required documents to be submitted are:

  • Application form B3
  • Receipt, copy, or online printout of payment of the state fee

A revised activity that is not in line with the guidelines of the Enterprise Register will not be registered unless a change is in effect. A certificate of registration reflecting the change entered is issued within seven days of the application.