Individuals or corporations are allowed to establish foundations based on their common goals. To operate a foundation within a country, it must first be registered in the Register of associations and foundations. Most times existing foundations are allowed to merge, acquire, or divide property between themselves, as well as make changes when they deem fit. By the articles of association, a foundation that wants to change or update information in the register must apply with the Enterprise Register after the decision is taken. When the decision is to change its legal address, then a notice must be made for entry into the register. The timeline for changing a legal address is seven days.

For owners of foundations who wish to change information as regards their legal addresses or persons interested in how a change can be made to a legal address of a foundation, this guide provides information on the change of legal address and the steps to carrying it out. 

Steps to changing the legal address of foundations

There are four simple steps one needs to follow to ensure the application is duly processed. To register this change, make sure to follow the steps below:

  • Check the Legal address
  • Finalize the application form
  • Paying state fees
  • Submission of necessary documents

Check the legal address

The office of a foundation can be located at the address registered with the Enterprise Register. This address is where correspondents from the government are usually sent to. When a document is sent to the legal address registered in the Register of associations and foundations, it is assumed to be received by the foundation within seven days. This means a foundation must always keep in touch with its registered address. The following are conditions to satisfy when registering a legal address: 

  • The address must be akin to the one entered in the state address register
  • For an immovable property with many rooms, an applicant must provide the number

You may check for free addresses in the Information System of the State Address Register

Finalize the application form

The type of application form to obtain forms B3. This allows for changing the legal address of an organization. All members of the management board must sign this form after filling it, based on the rights of representation agreed on in the Statute. The form should entail the following: details of the change, as several kinds of changes, are allowed to be made by a foundation. In addition, it must include information about the new legal address to be registered. 

Paying the state fee

It is usually deposited into the Treasury account two days before applying with the Register. The state fee is paid to the account at any bank within the territory. Once the payment is confirmed, the application is processed, and the change of legal address is registered. The fee may be paid in person, or online with a credit or debit card. The fee for this registration is 5,69 EUR to be paid to the Treasury account with the subsequent details:

Valsts kase

Reģ. Nr. 90000050138

Valsts Kase, Konts: LV84TREL1060190913200

When an applicant submits his application via the e-service option provided on the website, he is eligible to receive a discount of 10 percent on the state fee. 

Submitting necessary documents

Other than form B3, other documents should be attached to the form during submission. These documents can be submitted online or by post. If they are submitted by an entrusted person who isn’t a board member, they must be backed by a mandate showing proof of representation. The documents to be submitted are:

  • Application form B3
  • Receipt, its copy or printout of payment of the state fee