European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) is established on a contract of formation between at least two companies or legal persons aimed at facilitating the economic activities of the members. The sole purpose of this grouping is not to make a profit. The activities of an EEIG must relate to the commercial activities of its founders with the support of the grouping. An EEIG may not exercise management control over the members’ activities, have shares in any of its members, have more than 500 employees, or be used to acquire loans or transfer property, except allowed by the law of the Member States. It takes between 1 to 3 working days to register this grouping and costs around EUR 11,38. 

If you are thinking of setting up this form of company, or wishes to expand to the republic, this guide provides everything you need to know about European Economic Interest Grouping here and how to register it. 

EEIG explained

An EEIG must be set up by at least two companies or legal persons with their principal management in different member states. It could also be set up by a legal person and a natural person with the principal management of the legal person in a member state while the latter has his or hers in another EU country. The members of an EEIG can be undertakings and legal persons with registered addresses or central administration in Europe, or individuals carrying out industrial, commercial, agricultural activities, etc.

Registering the company

All firms conducting business within the country must be registered in the Commercial Register. The procedure is easy, fast, and cheap compared to the same service in other EU countries. The first step is to choose a legal address to which the company will be located and to correspondents shall be sent. Next is to draft the Articles of Association for the company. This document will guide the activities of the grouping, so, it must be signed by either all the founders or an entrusted representative. After this, an applicant must fill out the application form EEIG1 and prepare the necessary documents needed to process the application. The final step is to pay the state fee, then submit the form and required documents to the Commercial Register. 

Paying the state fees

This fee must be paid two days before the submission of documents for the application to be processed. The fee of EUR 11, 38 should be paid to the Treasury account and after confirmation, the Enterprise Register shall issue a certificate of Registration to the applicants. The payment may be made to the following account:

The Treasury (Valsts kase)

Reg. No 90000050138

Valsts kase, Account: LV84TREL1060190913200

Submitting the required documents

For an EEIG to be registered, the applicants must fill out the application form and submit signed documents to the Register. The form must be signed by either the founders or anyone authorized with a mandate. Required documents to be submitted include:

  • Certified copy of the application form EEIG1 
  • Founding treaty
  • Written consent by the head of the group
  • An original receipt or a copy of the bank payment of the state fee, etc.

Note that the documents must be drafted in Latvian and there is no specific deadline for the submission of documents. 

Method of submission

Applicants can choose to submit their application and documents electronically or by mail. To submit online, you can use the services provided on, and if you are sending by post, you must attach the payment order for the paid state fee.