An association is said to be a nonprofit organization formed by a union of people with similar interests looking to achieve a common purpose. When the organization is established, it is registered in the Register of associations and foundations in the country. Associations registered in this register can apply for registration of changes made to certain details regarding its existence such as its principal activities. An applicant can only choose a principal activity out of the classification of activities of associations and foundations. The chosen activity must comply with the activities in the classification otherwise, the change will not be recorded. The process is quite simple as all it takes is the submission of a filled and signed form, necessary documents, and payment of the state fee. All board members must sign the form, which includes the type of modification and updated details. The application cannot be handled without the state fee. Enterprise Register registration costs €5.69.

If you want to modify the main activity of your company or want to learn how to change an association’s principal activity, this article can help.

Steps to changing the principal activity of an association

There are only three simple steps involved in this process and they are relatively easy. The first step is to complete the registration form, pay the registration fee then finally submit the necessary documents. 

Complete the registration form

The form known as Form B3 issued for change to a principal activity should be signed by board members of the organization, based on the form of representation rights as agreed in the article of Association. This form must entail accurate information on the type of change since numerous changes are allowed to be made to associations. It should also contain the new detail to be entered in the Register. 

Payment of the state fee

This fee is deposited to the Treasury account in the country at least two days before an association submits its application form and requested documents to the Enterprise Register. The fee can be paid to the account at banks within the country. After the Enterprise Register confirms the payment, the application is processed, and registration is entered into the Register of associations and foundations. The payment may be in person, or online via a debit card or wire transfer abroad. The state fee for the registration is 5,69 EUR, transferrable to the Treasury account with these details:

Valsts kase

Reģ. Nr. 90000050138

Valsts Kase, Konts: LV84TREL1060190913200

Note that when an organization applies through the online e-service method available on the website, such an applicant receives a 10% discount on the state fee. 

Submitting the necessary documents

After filling out the application form B3, two or more documents may be requested for submission with the form. These documents can be submitted electronically or by post. They must be certified by a mandate if an entrusted person is to submit them on the association’s behalf. Submission by post requires an order for the payment of the national fee. The necessary documents usually presented include the following:

  • Application form B3
  • Receipt, copy, or online printout of payment of the state fee

Note that the amended principal activity must be in line with the rules of the Enterprise Register for the change to be registered. You should expect a certificate of registration within seven days if the process is duly carried out.