An association is an entity formed by a group of persons having similar goals whose objectives are stated in its articles of association. To register an association in a country, the true beneficiaries have to register with the Enterprise Register. After establishing an association, changes can still be made to certain information or parts such as the legal address, information on beneficial owners, and even the association’s purpose. The purpose of the association’s activities is stated in the articles of association; therefore, the essence of the articles of association can be amended by changing its purpose. This can only be done after the members of the board make the decision. The board members must meet to make amendments to the statute. It takes seven days to complete the process of registering the change in the Register of associations and foundations.

If you are a board member considering changing the purpose of your association or you are interested in the information on how to change it, this article provides this information 

Steps to changing the purpose of associations

The process has five simple steps namely:

  • holding a meeting of members
  • drafting the articles of association
  • completing the registration form
  • paying the state fees
  • submitting the required documents

Holding a meeting of board members

At the meeting, the members should decide on the amendment. The minutes of the meeting must be signed by the leader and backed by the members of the Management Board according to the representation rights stated in the Act. The minutes must contain the following:

  • Association’s name and registration number
  • Individuals who convened the meeting
  • The venue, time, and date
  • Members of the board and those present 
  • Reason for the meeting
  • Decisions made and voting results, et cetera.

Drafting the articles of association

The Statute is a document, which states the principles of the organization’s activities and the board members’ representation rights. When a change is to be made to the purpose of the organization, it must be reflected in this document. All members of the board present during the meeting must sign the document when the decision is taken. 

Completing the registration form

To complete the registration with the Enterprise Register, an applicant must fill out application form B3 and ensure it is signed by all members of the board. The form should then be submitted to the Register alongside the requested documents electronically or by mail.

Paying the state fee

The state fee is the registration fee paid by applicants applying for registration with the Enterprise Register. It must be paid two days before the submission of the application form; otherwise, the application shall not be processed. The payment is always made to the Treasury account of the country at any bank or via debit card or wire transfer. The registration fee is EUR 5, 69 and shall be paid to the treasury account.

Submitting the required documents

After paying the state fees, the final step is to submit the requested documents and the application form to the Register. When the payment is confirmed, the Enterprise Register enters the change into the Register of associations and foundations. The following are the documents to be presented:

  • Application form B3
  • Articles of incorporation in their amended form
  • Extract the meeting
  • A receipt or online printout of the payment of the state fee