The name or establishment is the name of the branch entered in the Commercial Register, and it is used in marketable exertion when closing deals and signing. When changing the name, the bills shall be amended consequently at the same time. The new interpretation of the statute and the operation must illustrate the same establishment with the same reference to the type of merchant.

Required documents

Minutes of the meeting of shareholders must be certified. 

  • The operation from SE2. 
  • The new interpretation of the statute must be certified. 
  • Text of emendations to the statue. 
  • Printout of a bank payment or a receipt or duplicate. 

Documents must be submitted to the enterprise register within 14 days of the decision being made. Below are the conditions to be followed when opting for the name;

  • Integers can be used. 
  • Latin letters must be used. 
  • Always use punctuation marks similar to commas, citation marks, colons, points, etc. 
  • Not to indicate symbols. 
  • Avoid indicating the name of the state and original government authorities. 
  • Not to include the words ( Democracy of Latvia) and their restatement into a foreign language. 
  • Deceiving information in the form of marketable exertion mustn’t be included. 
  • Still, the firm name isn’t supposed to look likewise to the domestic area and it’s good to indicate extra words, letters, and fees If the name of the domestic area is included. 
  • The uses of names containing uncensored words aren’t supposed to be indicated. 
  • The name isn’t supposed to coincide with a formerly registered trademark. 
  • The name mustn’t coincide with any of the names of reality formerly registered in the enterprise register or applied for. 
  • Incipiently the documents submitted must bear the same name. 

By completing the enrollment form, the operation form for changing the name must be written by the board of operation and if necessary the boxes of the form may be copied. 

Submitting the documents

When submitting the documents in paper form, it’s good to certify the autographs on the following documents, the new interpretation of the composition of the association, and the minutes of the meeting of shareholders. Signatures may be certified by a sworn notary, in the orphans’ court, after the declared place of residence, if there’s no notary in the country, county megacity, or county church. When signing a document with a secure electronic signature and time stamp. In a script where a document is supposed to be written by more than one person, it may be handed electronically only if all the signatories have an electronic signature.  

The final process

The final process is by paying the fees, the state fee must be paid before the operation for enrollment is submitted. And the final enrollment shall be made only after the enterprise register can make sure that the state fee is accredited to the storeroom account. The process might be affected by using the transfer to any bank within two days of the submission of documents electronically or by post. 

Eventually, when submitting the documents, the operations and the documents will be submitted by the board of operation or an authorized person. When submitting documents written with a secure signature accompanied by a secure timestamp, no notarial instrument of signatures shall be needed. 

There are three different ways to send them, by using an online service, electronically written in the mail, and also by post. When using the service, documents must be written with an E-signature on a smart card and must be submitted online to www., always indicate all details of the operation and eventually get a reply in an e-service or e-address. When it comes to using electronically written mail or mail documents must be written with a secured electronic sign and it’s supposed to be issued abroad, also can be submitted using e-service with full details and it’s good to know this is the safest communication channel between the individual and the country. The third option is by using post, this document must be accompanied by a payment order for the payment of the public fee, and also written documents can be transferred to the enterprise register.