Of the three Baltic States, Latvia unquestionably stands out as a biomedical pioneer. Given the recent rapid rise of Latvian biomedical firms and organizations, they are growing and working to become a prominent participant in the European Union in this field. The biomedical industry in Latvia combines excellent R&D capabilities, a well-established manufacturing infrastructure, and geographic and cultural closeness to markets in the east and west. They sell their goods to numerous nations, including Japan, the USA, Canada, and many more, both nearby and far away. Professionals that excel in their careers and are fiercely competitive love science. The greatest colleges in the world have produced many of them.

Principal subsectors of the biomedical industry

Personalized medicine, environmental health, bio-pharmacy, translational medicine, health systems, and digital health are the primary subsectors of the business.

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in Latvia have a lengthy history, a rich heritage, and a wealth of expertise. Early in the 19th century, Latvian chemists achieved substantial, well-acknowledged advances in research. The industry is now rated sixth overall among Latvia’s other sectors and fifth among manufacturing industries in terms of turnover.

Latvian biomedical industry statistics

Pharmaceuticals make up 1.2% of all exports from the country. 73.5% of the produced chemicals and pharmaceutical items are exported from Latvia (2020). Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany, and Ukraine are Latvia’s main pharmaceutical export trading partners. In 2020, exports to Lithuania were worth over 100 million euros. Pharmaceuticals make up the majority of the biomedical portfolio’s export items, accounting for 38% of all sector exports and generating a turnover of 256 million euros in 2020.

Education and Employment

If you are a student of chemistry or another life science in Latvia, employers are interested in you and your abilities! In Latvia, there are over 1000 businesses involved in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields. Additionally, as there are presently more than 4000 people working for chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, there will be a space for all chemistry and biomedicine lovers.

Leaders in Latvia’s biomedicine sector

Leading companies in Latvia’s biomedical sector are:


Heart and circulatory, neurological system, and anti-cancer drugs are Grindeks’ areas of expertise. Their product line includes more than 100 distinct generics as well as a successful mix of brand-name and off-patent goods including Mildronate and Ftorafur. Presently, 25 active pharmaceutical compounds are produced by Grindeks.


PharmIdea is the only business in Latvia that sells sterile, freeze-dried medications that are produced to the highest standards, as shown by the GMP accreditation and several completed international quality inspections.


By making it easier to find compounds and suppliers and manage orders, MolPort was established in 2006 to assist scientists in accelerating the drug development process. They want to free up scientists’ time so they may concentrate on studying rather than shopping and buying.


To spread the therapeutic properties of nature over the globe, Silvanols Ltd., a Latvian pharmaceutical firm, has specialized expertise in creating and manufacturing food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, and OTC medication utilizing natural components for 25 years.


With 40 years of expertise in the production of medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical goods, Olainfarm now manufactures 60 different kinds of medications as well as 30 different pharmaceutical agents.

Center for Biomedical Research and Study in Latvia

A Lyme disease vaccine is being developed by the Latvian Biomedicine Research and Study Center. Latvia joins in a 1+ million genome effort to promote the development of data- and customized medicine.

Institute of Organic Synthesis in Latvia

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is the primary inventor or co-creator of more than 70 novel techniques for preparing well-known pharmaceuticals in addition to 18 novel authorized products.


The biggest genome sequencing facility in the world is BGI. In Latvia, it has constructed a laboratory for producing genome sequences, and it plans to build a full-life science park.


One of the world’s top companies for the preparation and evaluation of life science samples is Biosan. Hospitals, food and water labs, dairies, and other locations where samples are processed for further analysis all utilize their equipment.

Baltic Biomaterials Center of Excellence

The Baltic Biomaterials Center of Excellence is dedicated to the creation of individualized treatments for bone regeneration that are patient-specific. It covers the delivery of bioactive compounds as well as biomaterial composition and shape.