When starting an agriculture business in Latvia, it is a good idea to see various options.

Here are some of the agriculture business ideas:

Urban agriculture 

A large location is not necessary to start an agriculture business. You can still grow some vegetables in tiny or vertical containers in your city or suburban house to make the most of your available area.

Agricultural market vendors

You can sell the food you produce or grow at neighborhood farmers’ markets to get money whether you live in a city or a rural area.

Growing herbs

Herbs like mint, parsley, and basil can be used to make excellent agricultural goods. To sell it, you can grow it at your house or farm.

Vegetable farming

Vegetables of all kinds can be grown and harvested to be sold or turned into various items.

Livestock feed production

Even if you don’t have enough land to raise animals yourself, you can still support the industry by producing animal feed.

Fruit production

Or you may cultivate and gather numerous fruit varieties to sell or use as a base for other fruit-based items.

Farm crop farming

To flourish, crops like soybeans, cloves, and others need a sizable quantity of field space. However, if you own land, you can harvest particular crops to market to food producers.

Nursery management

You can even open your nursery where you grow and market various plant varieties to customers or establishments.

Milk production

You might start your dairy farms where you make milk, cheese, and related goods if you have the land and the means to care for cows or other dairy animals.

Poultry farming

Alternately, you might concentrate on providing food production firms with hens and other poultry animals to care for.

Farming of fish

A growing segment of agriculture, or in this case, aquaculture, the industry is fish farming. Fish must be raised in substantial tanks or enclosures as part of the process.

Raising rabbits

Rabbits can be raised in small pens or other similar enclosures for a variety of uses.

Snail farming 

Consider raising snails if you’re seeking for a very little animal to raise. Escargot can be made using snails that have been raised, which may sound weird. Additionally, businesses can employ snail slime for a variety of uses.

Farming of mushrooms

Another option is to build a farm where you specialize in raising different kinds of mushrooms.


One hobby that might lead to many distinct product-based business opportunities is beekeeping.

Honey production

Honey, for instance, can be extracted from beehives and sold to individuals or businesses that process it.

Beeswax processing

Beeswax can also be gathered and processed for sale to businesses or individuals who use it to create candles and other similar goods.

Production of soy

Another widely utilized ingredient that may be found in a wide range of goods is soy. You can sell it to businesses for a variety of uses if you can harvest and process it.

Food delivery 

If you cultivate or process food, you may start a business that delivers fresh food to local customers who like to support local businesses.

Purchasing in bulk and wholesale

You might also gather food that can be sold in large quantities, such as rice or corn products, and sell it wholesale to businesses that manufacture meals.

Cannabis killer production

Alternatively, you may launch a B2B company that manufactures herbicides, especially for farmers or other agricultural enterprises.

Canning of fruit

Fruit that has been grown or processed can be canned and sold to customers or food businesses.

Production of jam

Or you may put different fruits through even more processing to create canned jam or jelly products.


You might potentially launch a company that prepares meat items for sale to customers or grocery stores.