Import, export, transfer, and transit licenses are documents that comprise a declaration from a firm or organization listed in the Republic of Latvia’s Companies Registry that the items will be used strictly for the indicated reasons and that the Latvian Development Authority will oversee their usage.

It is a permission granted for each shipment of strategic products, such as articles, equipment, technology, programs, and solutions, that is exported, imported, or transited and is included in the Control Board of Significant Goods’ approved and publicized registries.

These Laws define procedures for controlling the sale, import, transshipment, manufacturing, use, and storage of materials quality in conformity with Latvian federal security and global security interests and are aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear, contaminant, or explosives. The Committee is in charge of issuing licenses and certificates for imports.

Fees are charged for statements, permits, certifications, and other papers. These materials are provided free of charge to government agencies. Licenses for the temporary transfer of strategic items into or out of the Republic of Latvia are granted free of charge.

The Responsibilities of Exporters, Importers, and Transit operators

  1. If the Company becomes aware of any chance that the exported commodities could be used to manufacture chemical, nuclear, or other weapons of mass destruction, it must notify the Committee.
  2. Any anomalies in papers on delivery of the items must be immediately reported to the Agency.
  3. After the validity period has expired, unused licenses must be submitted to the Authority within 15 days.
  4. If the license’s term of validity needs to be extended, the Company will have to resubmit all of the required documents.
  5. After getting the permit, international shipping of important products must be completed within the license specified.
  6. The Company shall carry out export, import, and transit strategic products according to the number of items specified in the license.
  7. If the commodities are complex chemical compounds, technology, programs, supplies, or machinery, the Agency’s tech staff must decide if the products are strategic within 20 days of the Company’s petition.
  8. If the transit of strategic items is carried out in compliance with international accords, a transit license is necessary.
  9. If the items are exchanged by the Organization in transit outside of the Republic of Latvia, the permit is necessary.

License Requirements 

To get authorization, the Company must submit an application form, the Company’s incorporation document, and a special license for particular defined business tasks if such a license is necessary by normative acts.

Licenses are provided following consultation with the ministry or government entity in charge of the special permit. Within seven days, the applicable department or state organization must affirm its approval or refusal to issue the license.

The documents listed below must be produced in addition to the declaration.

For export license 

the importing country’s Foreign Import Permit and, if requested by the Authority, the End Use License;

  • The agreement between both parties 
  • The details of the exported goods. 

For import license

  • The agreement between parties or invoice of good;
  • The details of the goods being sent to another country.

For transit license

  • The importing country’s International Import Certificate or the End-Use Certificate;
  • The details of the items;
  • The authorized copy of the agreement. 


To acquire an import license, the Company must submit a request to the Agency that includes complete details about the products and transaction affiliates, as well as an authorization credential and a special license for a few defined organizational tasks, if normative acts require such authorization. The Committee has the authority to refuse to issue strategic products export, import, or transit licenses if any laws are broken.

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