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Obtaining a licence to open a pharmacy

The following three types of pharmacies may be opened in Latvia:

A pharmacy (not a veterinary pharmacy) can be established in the form of:

A pharmacy may be established by a pharmacist’s assistant according to the following conditions:

A pharmacy may open branches. General type pharmacies may open branches in an amalgamated municipality, city or parish of an amalgamated municipality, where the number of inhabitants does not exceed 4,000 and there are no other pharmacies or branches of pharmacies within the range of five kilometres.

The pharmacy establishing the branch must be indicated in the name of the branch.

In order to commence operation of any pharmacy, it must comply with the following conditions:

A pharmacy, which is not a veterinary pharmacy, shall be managed by a pharmacy manager, who is responsible for its operation and has obtained a pharmacist professional qualification certificate.

A pharmacist and pharmacist’s assistant working in a pharmacy must register with the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia according to the procedure stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministers and must comply with the ethics code approved by the said society.

A pharmacist and pharmacist’s assistant who has acquired education in a state which is not a Member State of the European Union or a state of the European Economic Area, or in other countries according to international agreements and whose diploma is recognised, in order to commence independent practise in a pharmacy, must work for at least one year in a pharmacy under surveillance of a pharmacist.

A pharmacy is responsible for the following:

General type and closed type pharmacies must comply with the following conditions:

Licensing and certification

The procedure is governed by the Cabinet of Ministers. Licences are issued by the State Agency of Medicines.

The Latvian Pharmacist Society has established and maintains a register of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants, as well as it certifies the length of a person’s professional experience.

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