The Latvian libraries and archives license allows the bearer to keep publishing books and video, photographic, and auditory materials related to Latvian economic, geopolitical, and ethical heritage. It also authorizes an individual or organization to collect and maintain archival records, make these materials accessible to the public, regulate record-keeping in organizations and certify private museums, certify personal archives, and perform the other duties outlined in Archives Regulation.

A judgment of authorization allows the permission to engage in business activities in the domain of national records and archive administration, as long as certain fundamental services are provided. The benefits include storing transitory public records of organizations in compliance with documentation and archive administration, as well as providing scientific help to organizations in the field of documentation and archive administration.

Electromagnetic recordings, sound tapes, DVDs, and compact CDs are the most common formats found in sound archives. Discussions, lectures, literature readings, telephone conversations, and political events are all captured in the document archives. The National Archives Management of Latvia issues this license.


Following are the requirements to obtain the permit:

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or at least a certain period of work experience;
  • The candidate must submit identity proof such as a national ID card or passport;
  • A thoroughly filled request application form must be submitted to the officials;
  • The statement containing the objective of obtaining the licenses;
  • A document outlining the procedure and plan for carrying out the library and archive tasks.
  • Full address of the place where the licensee plans to perform the task,
  • Receipt of full payment of license registration; 
  • A police statement from Latvia or the home nation of the candidate stating that the candidate has no criminal history; 
  • A statement from tax authorities proving that the petitioner has no tax liabilities;
  • A physician’s and psychiatrist’s certificate confirming that the candidate has no medical concerns;
  • Proof of enough financial resources to carry out the trade and other libraries related tasks;
  • Proof of legitimate source of income;
  • A statement containing the contract terms between publisher and librarian.

License and Contract terms 

  • According to the rules and regulations of this Agreement, the Publisher accepts to provide the Licensee the non-exclusive and non-transferable authority to provide Library Employees and Customers accessibility to the Authorised Publications via a Protected System, and the Licensee acknowledges to make the Payment.
  • This Licence will start at the commencement of the Registration Time. It will immediately expire after the Service Time unless the participants have initially planned to extend it.
  • Upon expiration of this Permit, the Publisher shall continue to offer Approved Clients with accessibility to that portion of the Authorised Publications issued and paid for during the Registration time, either as a printed version or electronic version. 
  • The Licensee may give a Member of another library a single printed version of a digital original for investigation or personal study, but not for business use.
  • The author’s name or the author’s copyright notice may not be removed or altered by the licensee or library employees.
  • The licensee must make every effort to ensure that library employees and customers are properly informed about the significance of protecting the intellectual property obligations of certified materials.
  • The Fee must be paid within thirty days by the Licensee. To prevent misunderstanding, the Fee is independent of any sales, usage, economic benefit, or similar taxes, which the Licensee is responsible for supplementary to the Fee.
  • Except for responsibilities relating to Licensed Materials, to which access is authorized as provided by law, all rights and duties of the participants automatically expire upon termination.

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