Corporation names, like everything else in the world, must change from time to time. What appeared ideal when you founded your LLC may no longer seem so. Maybe it includes the names of a former associate. It’s possible that it doesn’t match your present marketing or branding approach. Perhaps you’d rather do something different. 

You can amend the name of your LLC in Latvia for any purpose by completing documentation with the state department that regulates corporate registration.

Requirements to change LLC in Latvia 

It’s a good idea to double-check that the name you choose is acceptable in the country or is not being used by any other firm before the modification. You must pick a name distinct from any other company or limited liability company in your jurisdiction.

The following are the prerequisites for altering the name of an LLC:

Pass a Resolution to Change the Name of the Company

The shareholders or directors of your LLC should officially authorize the new title. Examine your LLC’s articles of organization to learn what steps to take. You will have to hold a legal conference of the stakeholders, where the new name resolution can be passed through voting. Make a document authorizing the name change and file it with your LLC’s formal documents.

Latvia LLC naming laws:

The name must include the company’s structure, such as ‘limited liability company or its initials ‘SIA,’ which can be found at the start or end of the name. When establishing the company, only Latvian or Latin letters are allowed. Aside from these, a firm’s name can contain numbers, punctuation marks, and characters (- &, @, percent, +, =). The names of local state governments, as well as the phrase “Republic of Latvia,” are not permitted. There can’t be any false info or unfiltered terms in the name. It would be best if you also chose a title distinct from any other business in the country.

Minutes of the shareholder meeting 

The corporation also holds a minute of shareholder’s meetings to approve the proposal on the name change. The conference of members’ decisions must be recorded in the minutes, certified by the conference director or the recording director. The conference supervisor verifies that the minutes of the shareholder’s meetings are correct.

Following documents must be submitted won’t with the minutes of the shareholder’s meeting: 

  • Name of the company,
  • The meeting’s schedule,
  • Date and location of the meeting, 
  • Details of the shareholders and other meeting attendees, 
  • Details of the meeting supervisor, 
  • The votes for and against the name-changing decision. 

Amendment of AOA

You submitted articles of organization to the authorities when you founded your LLC. To alter the name of an LLC, you must amend the articles. You must file the relevant document, along with any needed processing fee, to the state after you have completed it. You might be requested to submit other AOA updates and confirmation of board meeting authenticity. You should also change the name of your LLC in your internal LLC operational contract.

Notify the tax authorities

If you hold business licenses, you must inform the authorities that granted them so that their files can be updated. You may be required to present them with a state-issued document authorizing the name change. 

You must also inform the IRS, state taxation agencies, and regional taxation agencies.

Change the name on corporate accounts

You’ll need to alter the name of your LLC on your corporate account, as well as buy new cheques and bank cards. 

You should also inform your usual corporate contacts, such as customers, distributors, renters, financiers, and insurance brokers. 

Documents required

The following documents must be submitted to the register officials:

  • A thoroughly filled request application form,
  • Minutes of the meeting and all related documents mentioned earlier, 
  • The updated laws and regulations of the company, 
  • Receipt of the state fee payment.

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