The State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia’s Electronic Declaration System (EDS) is an information system that has been made available for widespread usage in compliance with the security guidelines for using the Internet network. The technology is offered to greatly expedite and simplify the data exchange procedure between the SRS and taxpayers, enabling the submission of various documents practically and efficiently through an Internet connection.

EDS machine translation service

The EDS’s machine translation service has been incorporated with the help of the Culture Information System Center, enabling automatic translation from Latvian into English and Russian and vice versa. Only from the EDS login page is it able to activate or deactivate translation into English, Russian, or Latvian. As far as the machine translation service is concerned, not all of the information accessible in the EDS will be translated, and stylistic and/or grammatical mistakes are conceivable. The users’ work with EDS will be greatly facilitated by the assistance feature of translation into the language they have chosen.

The Electronic Declaration System’s advantages

EDS is a multipurpose website that offers the following opportunities:

Filing of all tax and information declarations as required by law

All tax declarations, informative declarations, submissions to the SRS, and other legal submissions are submitted to the EDS. All submissions made to the EDS have legal force and are always accessible to the customer there. Additionally, EDS offers automatic confirmation of the accuracy of document completion as well as client outcomes information.

Online tax and debt payments regularly

On the EDS, you may make online tax and debt payments. If the client does not have any outstanding tax debt at the time of payment, the EDS offers the option to pay all or a portion of the computed amount as well as an advance payment. Additionally, it is possible to check the history of payments made as well as the progress of each payment.

Communication with SRS

EDS is used to notify taxpayers who are EDS clients of administrative actions, decisions, documents, and information from the SRS. Documents are legally binding after they have been securely signed online. In addition to allowing users to receive papers and information from the SRS, the “correspondence with SRS” section also gives users the option to make reports, examine correspondence, and search materials. As a result, easy access to all of the communication with SRS is made available in one location and an open manner.

Advisory about tax obligations

After user verification, a warning with a full breakdown of the debt according to the categories of payments is shown to the user if the client has missed tax payments. As a result, EDS customers are always alerted when payments are late and have the option of making a quick payment to avoid incurring extra late fees. The EDS user has the option to decide for himself when to get a statement on the presence or absence of tax arrears. Additionally, a third party who uses EDS may check the veracity of the statement.

Obtain and examine reports on the information gathered by SRS

You may ask for and check out reports on the data that SRS has gathered. Included in this are all filed declarations and reports, tax calculations, payments, accounts, SRS-issued licenses, registered cash registers, and other documents. Online registration is also available for adding new information to or updating existing data on corporate departments, cash registers, and bank accounts.

Use of a calendar for document and payment submissions together with notification statements

In the calendar, information regarding late declarations and late payments is shown in red, while information about declarations that need to be filed and payments that need to be made soon and in the future, as well as details about the conditions for submission, are presented in green. Through the calendar, it is simple to plan out work and schedule document submissions and tax payments. In addition, the system offers reminders about deadlines for document submission and tax payment terms and amounts.

Working with many clients

For instance, if you have the option to utilize EDS as a natural person and are a board member for many firms, EDS enables quick and simple switching between taxpayers that are represented by users.

Interactive helper

Each area of EDS has an assistant that may be activated, allowing you to learn more about the section you’ve accessed and the status of your papers.